Full Stack Developer Resume Sample

A full-stack developer is an IT professional who works on both the back end and front end of the system. They develop a full-fledged platform with a database, server, and clients who don’t need other applications to function. The professional uses a wide range of technologies and languages to develop applications. A full-stack developer approaches … Read more

Web Developer Resume Sample

A web developer is responsible for creating a website layout using standard HTML or CSS practices. They integrate data from various back-end services and databases and they are accountable for coding, creating innovative designs and layout for the website. The duties of a web developer include writing well-designed, efficient code by using software development practices, … Read more

Web Developer Job Description

Introduction: A web developer’s primary duty is to build the user interface and prototypes from wireframe and designs, build products using HTML and CSS, and update the current website to meet modern web standards. Web developers need to possess graphic design skills as well as technical computer skills that will allow them to create a … Read more

Marketing Support Job Description

Introduction: Marketing support is in charge of performing daily administrative tasks ensuring smooth working and coordination of department activities. They support marketing executives in organizing various projects, conduct market research, and analyze consumer rating reports. The marketing support should provide aid to other marketing team members which include senior associates, managers, executives, and even directors. … Read more

General Construction Worker Job Description

Introduction: The construction worker assists tradesmen and machine operators in construction work. They erect and break up scaffold ramps with attention to safety, unload and carry material at construction sites. They work on buildings, roads, and other construction sites helping the architects and engineers build full and solid structures. The job duties of a construction … Read more

Home Care Worker Job Description

Introduction: Home care workers are also known as personal care assistants and they support patients physically and mentally to perform their daily activities. They ensure patients receive their medication on time, aid clients in dressing, bathing, eating, and support clients with disabilities. They need to be polite with good communication skills. The job duties of … Read more

Manufacture Engineer Job Description

Introduction: A manufacturing engineer is responsible for the technical management, maintenance, and development of new and existing production lines. They evaluate, design, and develop manufacturing processes and products. Talented professionals need to oversee and improve the manufacturing process. The job duties of a manufacturing engineer include designing new equipment, process, procedures, and system, purchase and … Read more

Quality Engineer Job Description

Introduction: A quality engineer is a professional who monitors the quality of processes in a variety of industries and plays a major role in fixing any defects. They perform rigorous quality checks ensuring the process and products are of consistent and high quality. They are responsible for making sure that engineering and manufacturing processes are … Read more

Design Engineer Job Description

Introduction: A design engineer develops and implements product processes and designs using CAD software. They search for opportunities to create prototypes and new products. The job role of a design engineer is to analyze data from tests on prototypes and develop progress reports. The design the development process of new products keeping in mind various … Read more

Process Engineer Job Description

Introduction: A process engineer develop, configure and optimize industrial process from inception through to start up and certification, assessing process, taking measurement, and interpreting data, designing, running testing and upgrading system and process. The process engineer are responsible for process design, operations and implementation. The successful candidate should be able to improve industrial process to … Read more