Android Developer Cover Letter Sample

Sandra Cougler

3427 Main Street,
New City Land, CA 910230

Phone: 022-453-783
Email: [email protected]

Current Date

Dear Hiring Manager,

I came to know that you are looking to hire a qualified android developer for your company. I would like to introduce myself as a great candidate for this role and I have attached my resume and other credentials with this cover letter
for your consideration. I know that my past work experience as an android developer would be a valuable asset to this company and my presence would be beneficial to succeed further.

I know I possess the knowledge to remain perfect for this job and I have learned about android and I am excited at the idea of becoming part of a developing team where I can learn even more. I am not a developer working for a software
firm but a greatly appreciate the chance to expand my knowledge by joining your team. My experience as a Developer includes working with mobile applications by integrating them with different platforms using an assortment of protocols. I can work on more than one project at once and I can deal with the most important project first and work the rest in later to make sure all deadlines are met. I possess lots of experience working with Java and Eclipse and some experience dealing with JavaScript and Python.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science and have a very creative mind that allows me to address and solve technical issues.  I would love to be a member of your team and hope you will give me a chance to prove what it takes to become an android developer for your company. I look forward to an opportunity to meet and discuss how my skills and expertise could benefit the employees at your company. Thank you for taking the time to consider my letter and CV.

Sandra Cougler

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