Art Director Cover Letter Sample

Bart Wills

Cleveland, OH
The United States 984

Phone: 024-673-894
Email: [email protected]

Current Date

Dear Hiring Manager

I recently noticed your ad online and came to know you need a reliable and experienced Art Director for your apartment complex and I would like to apply for this position. I am diligent and trustworthy with 9 years of industry experience. With my skill set and ingenuity, I feel I would be a perfect fit for this position. I hereby submit my application for the said position. I hold the necessary qualification for this position as per the eligibility criteria mentioned in the ad.

I have solid experience working on art print publications and I hold a degree in advertising with a minor in arts. In my present position, I was responsible for leading all image products from conceptualization to implementation at a well-known magazine publisher. I have supervised and worked as a team for the optimum success of media products and pride myself on my creativity and dedication in handling each project. During my tenure as an art director, I have worked with art galleries, media companies, and art consulting agencies. My specialty is planning and designing concepts of high-end photo-shoot, as well as setting the direction and vision for photographers and other artists.

I pride myself on being an artistry visionary who isn’t afraid to break the rules. I constantly have a finger on the pulse of current trends and know how to map the path to success. It will be a great pleasure to apply my talents as a part of your organization. I am grateful for the time you have taken to read this application and consider me as an employee. I am looking forward to your response and welcome an opportunity for an interview.

Bart Wills

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