Clinical Research Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Volen Vulkov

2346 Main Street,
San Fransisco, CA 94122

Phone: 032-673-784
Email: [email protected]

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Dear Hiring Manager,

I was very excited to read about the open position available for the research coordinator at your esteemed organization. I have enclosed my resume with other credentials for your consideration. I like the philosophy you handle and have included my experience and skills in my resume.

I have been a clinical research coordinator for the past 7 years at Canton Hospital, San Francisco. I have completed graduation in life science and have knowledge as well as expertise in various research methods and have managed research trials in the field. With the kind of reputation your organization hold in clinical research, I have a great interest to work with you and I am excited about applying for this role.

I have completed an intensive course called clinical research fast track and I have obtained in-depth education on ICH-GCP guidelines, protecting rights of the patient, GDP and ALCOA-C, regulatory affairs and protocol deviations, and FDA regulations and regulatory affair. I have experience working in home health and as an assistant speech therapist. This background has developed my communication and client engagement, data management, and report writing.

 I am an efficient problem solver who uses initiative and organization skills to get the job done. I can remain focused and self-directed in a fast-paced working environment. I am very knowledgeable about the pharmaceutical company’s requirements and have conducted careful research study design. I can keep up all the clinical research methods and design at the forefront.

I possess significant experience serving as a liaison between clients and the US patent office. This helps to work as a research coordinator and I would serve as a liaison between the company and the FDA. I am certain you will agree my particular blend of skills will make a well-suited choice for the position of clinical research coordinator at your organization. I am looking further to meet with you in person and discuss how my skill set can assist your company.

Volen Vulkov

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