Data Analyst Cover Letter Sample

Paul Mcginnis

8945 Garden Meadow Drive
Oregon City, OR 559978

Phone: 283-564-783
Email: [email protected]

Dear Hiring Manager,

As a data professional, I am quite excited and privileged to find this opportunity as a data analyst in a well-known industry and passionate company. As a student majoring in data I read your post regarding the role of being a data analyst specialist with interest. As a student from a popular university, my qualification aligns with the practical and technical skills you are looking to hire for. My achievement on the subject have developed communication, data analysis and visualization abilities constitute my capabilities in a similar field. I am confident that I have what you need and would become a beneficial extension to the company.

I have spent the past 7 years performing database management for a SAAS business and I am keen to pursue further developing my career in the field of data analysis. I possess exceptional knowledge of mathematics and computer skills. I am an expert handling many data management systems and software including Oracle and mSQL. As an analyst, I have worked for two organization that demands a high level of expertise and quantifiable results. Some notable contributions in my previous company include developing complex reports using SQL to examine compensation of employees, identifying unnecessary shipping costs to save company expenses annually, and assist in the creation of a novel method of new account information input resulting saving of time per hour.

I can design, innovate, and develop dashboards and visuals alongside data analysis. My achievement in data analytics and analysis clarifies my ability in producing an aesthetical and user-friendly interface while working alongside the team members. I have developed a web application for an accounting firm that determines whether a customer is an efficient credit risk using python, HTML coding, and random classification.

Please refer to my attached resume for additional information regarding my proficiencies and achievement. I would like to request to schedule an interview to follow up on my background and expertise.

Thank You for your consideration
Paul Mcginnis

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