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John Doe

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Dear Hiring Manager,

I have learned your firm has posted an advertisement for an entry-level accountant role. I am writing to apply for the position in your organization. Although I have employed as a junior accountant in a company, I have followed the firm’s growth for many years. I am an accounting graduate with extensive internship experience in handling invoices, analyzing financial data, and managing the payroll of employees. I believe with my skill and knowledge, I could make a great choice for the entry-level accounting position.

As an accounting intern, I got a chance to show off my knowledge into practice. Working under-skilled junior accountants the role has allowed me to develop necessary skills that will help me to succeed at your organization. In my current position, I have helped to manage payroll and the registration of employees of jobs and pension service for our 150 employee branch. I have reviewed, prepared, and issued bills and invoices for clients. My knowledge helped me to prepare company debit and credit documents for my client base.

Beyond my educational qualification, I am an excellent problem solver and a quick learner. Both traits are essential in any profession particularly in a precise industry like accounting. I have a strong belief in my skills, knowledge, and willingness to learn new processes that would be able to contribute to my confidence as a qualified candidate for this accounting role. My strong communication skill, eye for detail, and accuracy could be an asset to your firm. I am confident I could contribute a proactive and goal-oriented approach to service in your accounting department.

I would appreciate if I could get an opportunity to speak with you in more details about my qualification and experience. I invite you to contact me by phone or email to schedule a meeting with you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

John Doe

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