Financial Analyst Cover Letter Sample

Emily Griffith,

239 6th Street,
Marysville, CA 65478

Phone: 022-673-874
Email:[email protected]

Dear Hiring Manager,

I recently saw a listing on your website for a financial analyst and I am eager to submit my resume with other credentials for your review. I possess a strong aptitude for numbers since childhood which led me to pursue a degree in finance. I have gained extensive experience as a financial analyst and after going through your job listing, I knew I would be the perfect fit for this position.

As my resume indicates, I possess more than 7 years of progressive experience in a similar role. Your job description indicates you are seeking to hire someone who can improve financial outcomes through a detailed analysis of the financial report. After graduating from my degree I have employed as a financial analyst at a reputed firm in Las Vegas. In this role, I have regularly analyzed reports to improve financial outcomes. Through the detailed analysis, I was able to serve the company in several ways to remedy the problems and improve the outcome.

I am a certified financial planner and skilled in all aspects of detailed financial analysis and offer a proven track record of achievement in developing financial models and conducting accurate financial forecasts. I have performed various other activities including the managing team of 5 other financial analysts, participating in a weekly meeting with managers, coordinating with the operation department to increase efficiency and productivity, create financial strategies ensuring compliances with company policies and procedures.

As a financial analyst in my previous role, I was responsible for analyzing and refining intricate FP&A models for privately dealing multi-million dollar global organization. I have developed a series of reports that enhanced forecasting and budgeting process. The report improved visibility into the client’s revenue, expense, and functional operation.

I am confident that my extensive technical skills along with my proven record of industry success would make me a great fit for guiding your company’s market strategy. As a dynamic and expert financial analyst, I am looking forward to meeting with you to illustrate my experience further. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Emily Griffith

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