HR Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Gregory Daniel

3427 Main Street,
New City Land, CA 910230

Phone: 022-453-783
Email: [email protected]

Current Date

Dear Hiring Manager,

I came to know that you are looking to hire a qualified HR coordinator for your company. I would like to introduce myself as a great candidate for this role and I have attached my resume and other credentials with this cover letter for your consideration. I know that my past work experience in human resources and other administrative skills would be a valuable asset to this company and my presence would be beneficial to succeed further.

I have completed a Master’s degree in Human Resource and I have 7 years of experience working as an HR coordinator for an organization based at New City Land. I am adept at managing employee relations, tracking information, and completing organization tasks. I am an excellent communicator with perfect listening skills. I have expertise in coordinating different areas of the HR department and I am a person who works in an organized and structured way.

I know about creating accurate job descriptions and skilled arranging work schedules and defining priorities. I am proficient with record-keeping and maintaining detailed reports, also I have attended classes for a better understanding of labor law and contractual language. I have a vast knowledge of the documentation process and a good understanding of record retention.

In my previous position as an HR coordinator, I have handled queries and reports through the ADP system and coordinated with the IT department to create a streamlined onboarding process for hew hires. I have created social media initiatives for employee search strategy and worked closely with HR business partners to facilitate year-end talent review. I know many areas related to human resource including interviewing, coordinating benefits, and orienting new employees. I look forward to an opportunity to meet and discuss how my skills and expertise could benefit the employees at your company. Thank you for taking the time to consider my letter and CV.

Gregory Daniel

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