IT Director Cover Letter Sample

Eric Hall

6734 Main Street,
New Cityland,
CA 91023

Phone: 123-432-5934
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Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing this letter to express my interest in the position of IT director advertised by your organization. I am confident I possess the management and interpersonal skills you are seeking in this role. I hold 9 years of professional experience in an IT director position. I am confident I possess enough knowledge about the flexibility, focus, and diplomacy such a position need.

Currently, I am working as an IT manager and I have enough experience handling all the corporate IT delivery. My latest experience mainly consists of management of the corporate It delivery program which is for refreshing the current IT program and meeting business needs. The position includes managing several teams inside the IT division and working on several processes and managing the entire allocation of resources for improving and maintaining the entire IT system across all the businesses.

Also, I have participated and analyzed some of the tender evaluations for the purchase of corporate technologies and recommended and advised some of the best delivery strategies for meeting the required business need. I have managed and developed the corporate IT risk register within my team. I have also organized training events for all the new It systems that were introduced in the system.

Working as a team is requisite for the success of any organization. Therefore, I feel my drive to provide a positive result in all areas along with a team-oriented and enthusiastic attitude. I believe that if you hire me as a part of your team, you will be benefited from my expertise and will get a chance to develop your firm. I will be glad to contact you to discuss your managerial needs. Thank you in advance and I am looking forward to your response.

Eric Hall

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