Mechanic Apprentice Cover Letter

Paul Mcginnis

Address: 8945 Garden Meadow Drive
Oregon City, OR 559978
Phone: 283-564-783
Email: [email protected]

Dear Hiring Manager,

Becoming an apprentice mechanic will help me to get my career started on the right route and hope you will consider me for this position. I am very passionate to learn the trade of mechanics and enthusiastic to gain a career in the mechanic field.

I had a great love for cars and I started formal training in auto mechanics while still in high school. I joined automotive science classes and performed competently for my instructor to give me a task. Under his direction, I learned how to read blueprints and spend time reading manuals. Starting with basic repair, I gradually received hands-on experience in the latest information system used in today’s vehicle.

I possess manual and physical ability need to access a particular vehicle to perform various maintenance functions. Additionally, I have applied a grip about restoring and remodeling certain parts of the equipment system. I am trained to understand the need for safety precautions and have the necessary knowledge considering them performing a task.

I have knowledge using all the tools which include everything from wrenches to hydraulic equipment. I can learn how to use any equipment that I have not used earlier with minimal training. I am a quick learner and very much interested to work under other experienced mechanics. I am diligent and can follow directions effortlessly. I can keep your shop tidy and organize tools to help create a perfect working environment. I can be a great asset to your company and can prove a valuable member of your team. It will be my pleasure to come and demonstrate the skills that I have gained so far. I appreciate your valuable time in looking through this letter.

Thank You for your consideration
Paul Mcginnis

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