Phlebotomist Cover Letter Sample

Andrea Carey

Hiring Specialists, Kansas Hospital,

Kansas Hospital, 39012 Rainbow Boulevard,
Kansas City, KS 6610
Phone: 022-263-934
Email: [email protected]

Dear Hiring Manager,

I’m interested in applying for the Phlebotomist job at Kansas Hospital’s Clinical Laboratory, which is presently open. My phlebotomy education and training, as well as my ability to accomplish sophisticated lab tests, qualify me for this role. The high-quality services you do provide your clients and trainees have always elevated Kansas Hospital beyond any other medical center in the city in my mind.

I received an associate’s degree in phlebotomy from St. Helena University before pursuing a career in medicine. Medical terms, anatomy, and physiology were among the courses I passed well. I also studied hematology while in this program. I am well-versed in the therapy, detection, and treatment of a variety of blood illnesses. This medical curriculum also provided me with a phlebotomy certification.

I have demonstrated the capacity to do arterial, capillary, and venipunctures on clients, including children, for medicinal reasons. I have received professional training in recognizing and labeling blood samples in a timely and correct manner. Building up and managing automated plasma-pheresis devices is something I’ve done before. I am well-versed in blood collection gear and infectious disease procedures. Medical terminology is something I am very familiar with. I have exceptional client service skills as well as a sympathetic and sensitive demeanor.

I am looking forward to discussing this in greater depth and providing you with a combination of critical skills, as well as following your standards by holding an ASCP registration and Phlebotomy Certification. After a few days, I’ll phone your office to follow up and schedule an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Andrea Carey

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