Plumber Apprentice Cover Letter

Dorsey Baker

55 Crimson Street,
UI Lane, Toledo,
Ohio, USA

Phone: 022-347-679
Email: [email protected]

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am communicating in response to your ad seeking an experienced plumber at your company. I have completed all the necessary courses which will allow me to move forward with my dreams of becoming a plumber. I have the necessary skills required for this position and currently, I am working as an independent plumber. I have attached my resume and government registration application that includes the test result for your convenience.

I maintain an organized and structured job site on every project and I used to complete all tasks in a cost-conscious manner. I am quite familiar with codes, complaints with OSHO regulations, and a strong team player. I am fully aware of the nature of this apprenticeship and I am committed for at least five years of my future to your firm to become a certified plumber. I am ready for this commitment and hoping to become a journeyman with your firm after three years.

I possess excellent verbal and communication skills and superb coordination between hands and eyes. I am physically fit to work under the extreme climatic condition and prepared to work with a team of plumbers as well as work independently. I am quite familiar with working with tools that are used in plumbing trade like plumbing snakes, augers, drills, and saws. I have enough experience working with hammers, measuring tapes, and screwdrivers.

Additionally, I am a self-motivated individual with a keen interest in learning a trade that you will find me to be attentive and hardworking during the entire course of the apprenticeship. I am interested to become a vital part of your team if given the chance. I would like to communicate with you more about this program and how we can both benefit from my apprenticeship.

Thanking you for your time and consideration and looking forward to be informed.

Dorsey Baker

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