Police Officer Cover letter Sample

Tom Gerencer

27714 Lower Lovelace Road, West Point, GA

Phone: 022-263-934
Email: [email protected]

Dear Hiring Manager,

I’m writing to convey my strong desire to work as a police officer for the West Point County Office. I recently completed my police training at Acme Police Institute and am looking for an opportunity to put my abilities and expertise to use in a practical context. I feel I have the requisite expertise and skills to perform admirably in your police department’s criteria. I’m excited about the chance to provide the police departments with and safety that our county and community require. I feel that my background and personal attributes qualify me as a strong candidate to withstand the physical demands of police work while still creating excellent connections.

I am an expert in policing designated locations to ensure public safety. I’ve proved my abilities to probe both crimes and accidents. While collecting evidence, I have the potential to obtain extensive proof. I am skilled at collecting both notes and presentations. I have extensive experience giving courtroom testimony. I can apprehend alleged criminals. I’ve taken specialized courses in offering emergency help to the mishap, fraud, and natural calamities victims.

After qualifying from the Police Academy and pursuing Criminal Justice at Hapson Community College, I have continued to seek opportunities to expand my education. My first-aid training has come in handy on several occasions, along with a remote industrial accident last year in which I treated 12 people while emergency medical assistance was delayed. I was an active participant of the Kitford area, collaborating with schools on teen education programs and assisting with the operation of a drug treatment drop-in clinic. These friendships frequently assisted me in solving issues and establishing myself as someone to connect to instead of ignoring.

I would like to hold a meeting on how my characteristics can assist me to secure and support the public as a police officer. Please contact me to schedule an interview at a time that is convenient for you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Tom Gerencer

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