Production Coordinator Cover letter Sample

Carole Rice

8934 Diamond Street,
Asheville, NC 288901

Phone: 022-367-893
Email: [email protected]

Current Date

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing this application about the job posted on your website for the position of production coordinator. I know you require a highly qualified and experienced individual and I would be pleased if you go through my resume and credentials enclosed with the application.

I have completed my graduation in media production and began my career as a production coordinator at a Media firm in Asheville. From tracking budget, liaising with cross-functional teams, and providing comprehensive administrative support, my skills have prepared me to excel in this position. With an inherent passion for growing expertise in media production and cooperation, my organization’s potentiality has positioned me to thrive in this challenging position.

I have performed a wide variety of task including clerical assistance, scheduling, and offering intern supervision on various video productions and for the film departments. I have facilitated the production of 14 short films and provided coordination and support overseeing the projects while meeting the standard and deliverables. I have assisted the production manager to ensure smooth and flawless production. I possess solid time-management, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills to generate maximum efficiency.

My job as a production coordinator has allowed me to secure rehearsal locations, complete the booking of theaters, coordinate all the duties of theatrical production. I possess great experience in both television and stage productions. I am highly organized with excellent communication skills. I can bring a fresh attitude to this position because I possess enough experience in this industry. I am dedicated and hardworking and ready to move extra miles if my job demands.

Now I am looking for more challenges in my job and your position targets high-volume projects with a huge audience and this suits the need perfectly. Thank you for taking the time and considering my cover letter. I am looking forward to discussing this position in detail.

Carole Rice

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