Research Coordinator Cover Letter

Michels Aguilar

7845 Main Street,
San Francisco 6734
United States

Phone: 034-782-673
Email: [email protected]

It has come to my attention there is an opening available for the research coordinator at your institution. For your kind attention, I have attached my resume with other credentials and very much excited to apply for the position. I was thrilled to know through the job portal, there was an opening available for the research coordinator at your institution.

I have completed my post-graduation degree in science and I enjoy studying various aspects of science. I possess 7 years of experience in research and my managerial skills make it effortless for me to ensure my team always remains considerate and supportive when I needed them. As a detail-oriented and analytical professional with a master’s degree from the University of Massachusetts, I have experience and skill set which will allow me to contribute towards the success of your research team.

Through my experience, I have become well-versed in coordinating various research projects, developing the research plan, implementing methodologies, analyzing criteria, documenting reports, and presenting research findings. Furthermore, I can integrate a higher-level position in an organization, leadership, and communication skills across all levels of research. This allows me to excel in a team working environment.

I have played a vital role in evaluating an intervention using health resources and managed evaluation data collection in local health clinics. I have conducted participant interviews and maintained reports. I have exhibited a keen interest in recruiting, training, mentoring, and supervising research assistants. I have excelled in training with the center for public health disease containment, investigating various health policies regarding disease prevention and control, and gaining valuable expertise in research and data analysis.

I am proficient in handling various software programs and I have the adroitness to organize, analyze, and manage large set research projects. I could be an essential addition to the team at your institution and I would like to meet you in person to discuss further my skills and qualification. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Michels Aguilar

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