Starbucks Barista Cover Letter Sample

Sofia Rolland

219 8th Street, Marysville, CA 65478
Phone: 022-603-824
Email: [email protected]

Dear Hiring Manager,

I was thrilled to find that Starbucks in their nearby coffee shop had a position, and I am emailing to apply. I’ve worked as a barista at The Grind for 3 years and would like to contribute my knowledge of espresso beverages to Starbucks. I have a broad understanding of a variety of coffee beverages and a strong desire to deliver exceptional service. Performing as a barista isn’t only about using machinery to brew coffee for me! I go thoroughly into my job to surpass clients’ goals since I have an inherent enthusiasm for dealing with clients and a strong capacity to give great customer service.

Taking orders, creating drinks according to specifications, crushing and
buying beans, and handling the cash machine are all part of my duties at The Grind Coffee Shop. I am quick and efficient, and I rarely need to consult a cookbook. If I start the job at Starbucks, my learning will be short because I already have a substantial knowledge background. Nothing turns out better with a decent espresso drink than a delicious sandwich or croissant, in my opinion. I provide suggestions and try to persuade them to buy these accessories. My positive communication and client service abilities come in handy at the cafe.

If business policy permits, I’d like to exhibit my expertise in this area when we meet. My talents and expertise as a barista are detailed in the enclosed resume, and I’d like to share them more with you. I am looking forward to meeting with you to illustrate my experience further. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sofia Rolland

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