Application Developer Job Description


Application developers are also known as software architects and accountable for developing and modifying source code for software applications. The applications are aimed at aiding customers in performing computer programs. Application developers need to work with customers to develop new software applications and update existing applications. They have to process user’s needs to customize the software for computer programs, design prototype applications, implement and test source code and troubleshoot software applications. The candidate needs to have great knowledge in software engineering and must have an understanding of the consumer market and client needs. They must possess great problem solving and communication skills.

Application Developer Job Titles:

  • Application Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Associate Application Developer
  • Theme Developer
  • Developer Support Engineer

Application Developer Job Summary:

We are looking to hire a successful candidate who has a degree in software engineering and who is capable to serve as a senior level developer in our company. They need to analyze, design, develop software applications to support enhanced custody business unit. They control and provide solutions to single or multiple organizations with minimal management guidance. They must provide technical expertise in analyzing, designing, estimating, and developing software applications to projecting schedules. They have to create technical project plans and deliverables and monitor task deadlines. They should provide technical matter expertise in reviewing, analyzing, and resolving complex issues. They should be responsible for the resolution, communication, and escalation of critical technical issues. They have to prepare user and system documentation as needed and able to provide agile status notes on day-to-day projects task. They must have IT experience and knowledge expertise.

Application Developer Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Identify key application features
  • Understand clients application requirement
  • Work with It professionals to set specification for new applications
  • Design creative prototypes based on the specification
  • Write high-quality source code to program complete application within deadlines
  • Conduct unit and integration testing before launch
  • Troubleshoot applications and find bugs, offer prompt solutions
  • Test existing applications, identify deficiencies, and offer solutions
  • Participate in full-stack design and development of web and mobile-based solution for integrating, processing, and visualizing data at scale
  • Participate in full development cycle from product inception, research, and prototyping to release in production
  • Provide support for the rollout of a commercial Saas offering
  • Establish and promote agile development principles and best practice for software development

Application Developer Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in computer engineering
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience as an application developer
  • Extensive knowledge about various programming languages like Java and Oracle
  • Experience in application and software development
  • A certified application developer is a plus
  • Expert designing and building application
  • Punctual, reliable and must have strong communication skill
  • Able to work in a team and produce quality output under tight deadlines
  • Strong verbal and oral communication skills
  • Self-motivated and strong analytical skills
  • Attention to detail, prioritization skill, and time management
  • Quick learner with a positive attitude
  • Maintain a strong relationship with key groups
  • Motivational and communication skill
  • An empowered team member, a process-oriented thinker

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