Assistant Architect Job Description


Assistant architects are entry-level designers who assist more experienced architects. Designing plans, changing designs, compiling project design, recording contracts, evaluating financial demands, and disbursing resources to the architecture team are some of the tasks they allocate to candidates. They assist architects with day-to-day tasks and work on large and medium assignments. They assist in the creation of structural, working, and design documents in AutoCAD. They collaborate with other professions such as construction, engineering, and electrical to coordinate work. Assisting the professional designer to categorize their blueprints, preparing the work device before the designer starts working, capturing meeting notes, using design software to build study frameworks and draw the construction plans, reviewing shop drawings, assisting with family housing developments, and developing and calculating surface area proposals using AutoCAD are just a few of the other tasks the assistant performs. The assistant architect has a difficult job, as they must work on a wide range of projects, from creative concepts to live shipment and operation.

Assistant Architect Job Titles:

  • Assistant Architect

Assistant Architect Job Summary:

We’re seeking an assistant architect with a degree in architecture to join our team. Our firm is a multi-award-winning architecture firm specializing in green development and urbanism in New York and California. Artists, novelists, and filmmakers are among our clients, as are technologists, financiers, and legal experts. All of the leaders in their areas have one thing in common: they are attentive, clever, and creative contributors. Our firm is looking for an associate to assist with all aspects of our architectural style, including design and construction supervision. Job responsibilities include assisting tasks from beginning to end to guarantee quality requirements of strong customer experiences, managing data flow in a timely and efficient manner, managing the Architect’s calendar and scheduling a meeting, formatting information for clear communication – emails, conferences, reports, cooperating and liaising with construction practitioners, engineers, building supplies and interiors showrooms and vendors, and other project consultants. 

Assistant Architect Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Support architectural teams in the physical survey of the building by providing architectural support to architects in producing a construction plan.
  • Prepare and produce layouts, elevations, and cross-sections in construction drawings.
  • Include a survey note in the design drawings together with detailed specifications.
  • When drafting architectural blueprints, use modern software such as CAD.
  • Assisting and assisting the architect in the execution of several architectural works
  • Execute all parts of architectural operations
  • Manage all architectural plans, blueprints, client specifications, and surveying notes in an organized way
  • Ensure compliance satisfy architectural principles and standards

Assistant Architect Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in architecture
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in the similar field
  • Be able to stay focused on the task and fulfill deadlines
  • Be able to get along with people
  • Task-oriented, dependable, and must have great communication skills
  • Extensive research and development processes
  • Working skills in Microsoft Office
  • Proficiency with Adobe products, such as InDesign, Illustration, and Photoshop

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