Assistant Editor Job Description


An assistant editor‘s primary responsibility is to support editor in chief of a newspaper, magazine or organization. Their role is to remain supportive and oversee their editorial section such as international news and feature stories. They have to perform research, coordinate editor-in-chief, and plan new articles. They need to liaison with the team members ensuring deadlines are met. Finally, they need to deliver exceptional and informative content to meet audience preferences.

Assistant Editor Job Titles:

  • Assistant Editor
  • Assistant Editor (Part-Time)
  • Deputy Editor
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Assistant

Assistant Editor Job Summary:

We are looking to hire an enthusiastic to join our team. You will participate in all stages of the publication process in our company. As an assistant editor, you will be required to support the editor in chief to administer, plan, and provide various publication. We need the professional to have top-notch writing skills and the ability to turn around professionally written articles for audiences. The position will help to generate daily content and features for one of our brands, post social media updates, and attend specialty conferences. You will be required to proofread email newsletters and interview professionals. We will be providing our employees with countless opportunities for on-the-job training and professional development. Our assistant editor will be responsible for writing and publishing across the social media platform with an emphasis on audience growth. You should be a clear, direct writer and show a knack for social engagement, analytics, and audience development in learning these skills.

Assistant Editor Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Must work with the editor in chief daily
  • Research, plan and implement new topics
  • Identify breaking news relevant to the field and write search engine optimized article
  • Keep up to date about development and trends
  • Build a key relationship with social influencers and develop following across social network
  • Develop content for specific resource centers that can be used across the platform including web, print, and newsletter
  • Work closely with the sales and marketing team
  • Travel to attend conferences, interview expert, publish relevant news and build relationships
  • Perform unsupervised formatting and content versioning
  • Perform edit for the long term and short term content
  • Capture and import all necessary elements in a proper format
  • Create and send digital files for delivery to producers and editors
  • Work on creative projects with editors
  • Prepare picture media, import and distribute media
  • Prepare sound media, breakdown dialogue, and conduct music and effect searches
  • Set up video conference cameras to record talent
  • Prepare preliminary music and sound effect
  • Monitor level, logs, and import scratch and production dialogue from recordings

Assistant Editor Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in journalism or communication with at least 1 year of editorial experience in publishing
  • Strong writing and proofreading skills
  • Experience with MS office and other publishing tools
  • Familiar with SEO and social media platform
  • Proficient in English and excellent communication skill
  • Attention to details
  • Ability to prioritize and multitask
  • Critical thinker and problem solver
  • Team player with good management skill
  • Experience with online content management systems and strong computer skill

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