AT&T Plant Technician Job Description


Maintenance is performed on exterior plant communication facilities and cabling networks for phone, data, and visual imaging by an outside facility technician, also known as a lineman. Building, testing, diagnosing, and fixing the cable and fiber network are all part of this job’s tasks. External plant functions are fitted, excluded, and reordered by the experts. Technicians connect wires and cables to terminals, as well as attach and disengage various forms of gear from the network, lines, cables, and poles. Construction work includes channeling holes, realigning utility poles, inserting the cable, unreeling and pulling winding wire and cord from pole to pole. In their current telecom projects, they engage with government agencies as well as corporate customers.

AT&T Plant Technician Job Titles:

  • AT&T Sales Representative
  • Sales Representative

AT&T Plant Technician Job Summary:

We are looking to hire an outside plant technician who has relevant experience in a similar field. Profit from our compensated training and diverse selection of employment opportunities. AT&T offers an attractive wage, as well as company-provided vehicles and tools, as well as a variety of benefits such as healthcare, and paid vacation. Our Outside Plant Technicians inspect and fix gear and operations for our clients both within and outside the plant. Spot aerial and underpass copper and fiber cable, aid in fiber splicing, undertake building projects such as drilling trenches, putting cable, air pipe, and internal duct in varying sorts of culvert systems and accessible excavations, and operate with highly durable heavy machinery and small items in the setup, fixing, and upkeep of outside process equipment are all part of the job tasks.

AT&T Plant Technician Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Conduct fiber network testing and validations, as well as site evaluations and analyses for all plans and installation guides.
  • Most patch panels and modems should have precise cable termination.
  • All telecom cabling designs for all structures and cable troughs, as well as all distributing frameworks, must be managed.
  • Place gear on devices such as wires and ladder plugs for cable pulls and plan and arrange all telecom spaces and cupboards for all wiring systems.
  • Evaluate and validate all fiber optic and cabling systems, as well as aid in the installation of all fiber optics for factories.
  • Conduct troubleshooting on both copper and fiber optic cable, and fix any system issues that arise.
  • Manage all computer software cable data and deploy changes on facilities.

AT&T Plant Technician Skills and Qualification:

  • Have a current state driver’s license and clean driving history.
  • Due to safety concerns, you must stay below the 275-pound weight limit.
  • Perceive variances in the colors of wires and cables
  • Climb 18-foot poles, platforms, and work from above with basic tools.
  • Up to 120 pounds can be lifted or pulled.
  • Operate in attics, cellars, enclosed spaces, standpipes, and other similar areas in all weather conditions.
  • Monitor work progresses and verifies new requirements using computers, especially hand-held ones.
  • Working compulsory extra and vacations is required due to service constraints.

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