Billing Assistant Job Description


A billing assistant, usually referred to as a clerk, collects papers and numerical information for the billing process. Billing assistants send bills, keep track of payments due to clients, and update records with new transactions and details about customers. They issue payment details and work closely with consumers to follow up with the money owed to them. A billing assistant may deal with accounts receivable to record daily money received, and multitask abilities are essential for dealing with different situations. They accept cash or credit card payments, which can be made in person or through the internet. They may also prepare periodic reports as required and issue a second statement of account if needed. The professional’s primary responsibility is to provide invoices to customers for items sold or services offered. They must collaborate closely with staff from diverse departments. They might be required to assist colleagues with the preparation step, as well as execute other tasks.

Billing Assistant Job Titles:

  • Billing Assistant

Billing Assistant Job Summary:

We’re looking for a billing assistant with a high school diploma or GED to join our team. The billing assistant completes billing-related activities on time, accurately, and with an emphasis on excellent customer service. This full-time entry-level role follows department protocols to perform a variety of accounting procedures such as bills, settlements, and costs. Keeps track of accounting records. Tests and validates accounting data inserts data into a computerized accounting system and employs systems to do research and prepare results. Performs typical clerical work in a similar capacity. The job entails timely and efficient data input, answering calls, replying to patient requests or transporting to the appropriate departments, verifying customer information and billing recording while retaining existing records and deposits, trying to fix any errors, and handling sliding fee main aspects. Few other duties include maintaining current data, especially billing information, and contacting clients as needed, as well as assisting patients in comprehending billing and costs for which they are accountable. When required, call patients to gather, verify, and amend bank details, and can accomplish all activities daily with minimal help.

Billing Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Prepare and submit receipts to clientele and customers
  • Process, arrange, and complete third-party receipts
  • verify and issue invoicing adjustments to clients
  • Review, write and justify charges
  • Monitor, confirm, and process delinquent receipts
  • Confirm and mail client reimbursement checks
  • Carry out daily closure and stabilizing of payout and receipts
  • Monitor and manage daily activity logs in an organized manner in a corporate or business setting facility
  • Coordinate with account receivable and payables departments
  • Interact with parties involved concerning acct and payment arrangements
  • Develop paperwork relevant to payment activities
  • Collect, process, and allocate funds  related to payments

Billing Assistant Skills and Qualification:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in the similar field
  • Working knowledge of accounting standards as well as related legal regulations
  • Ability to perform effectively under pressure
  • Microsoft Office Suite or related software expertise
  • Attention to detail is required
  • Basic administrative and clerical operations knowledge

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