BPO Team Leader Job Description


Call center team leaders are in charge of hiring, training, and motivating call center agents. Task assignment, performance assessment, quality management, and maintenance of equipment are among their responsibilities. They usually supervise, lead, and manage a group of other call center organizations to ensure that they fulfill targets and do their jobs as per established guidelines and norms. Incall centers, and team leaders are also responsible for hiring and periodically reviewing the performance of the staff. When it’s time to hire new call center agents, the team leader will be on hand to help with the screening and interviewing.

BPO Team Leader Job Titles:

  • BPO Team Leader
  • Call Center Team Leader

BPO Team Leader Job Summary:

We are looking to hire a BPO team leader who holds expertise in a similar field. The primary responsibility of the Call Center Team Lead is to ensure that client projects are completed within the agreed-upon scope, timing, budget, and frequency, as measured by voice quality, hold time, compliance, and output hour metrics. The job entails passing new hire, client, and training programs, adhering to company rules, preparing and implementing call center procedures, communicating regularly with call center supervisors, ensuring rust laws are accompanied by call center staff, monitoring call queue, participating in call center training at the path of governance, and communicating client problems.

BPO Team Leader Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Be in control of daily operations and management of the call center.
  • Set goals for all other call center employees to achieve.
  • To guarantee that clients are never left unattended, plan and coordinate shift work for other teammates.
  • Understand and communicate all of the organization’s items, activities, processes, and standards to all teammates.
  • Generate call center predictions and expenditures.
  • All calls should be monitored to ensure that proper processes and standards of quality are followed.
  • Assist the newly recruited call center agents by facilitating and organizing training sessions for all agents.
  • Suggest and acquire gadgets that improve call center efficiency.
  • Conduct monthly performance reviews of all call center agents and schedule training courses for underachievers.
  • Regularly inform the management and search out fresh ideas and tactics to enhance the center’s effectiveness.
  • Maintaining awareness of industry trends and events, as well as assuring the conformity to industry norms
  • Ensure that customers are pleased and fulfilled at all times by responding quickly and providing answers to their problems.
  • Establish a safe and pleasant work atmosphere for the rest of the team, and allocate responsibilities to everyone.
  • Any relevant issues should be escalated to top leadership.
  • Assist the Senior Manager in identifying risk exposures and areas for growth.

BPO Team Leader Job Skills and Qualification:

  • A degree is preferred
  • Minimum 2 years of expertise in a similar role
  • Expertise in leading a group
  • Interaction and coaching abilities
  • Client service expertise is needed.
  • Good communication and leadership abilities
  • Through call monitoring, excellent feedback, and other methods, you can strengthen your mentoring and leadership abilities.
  • Able to cope with difficult consumers and escalated situations
  • Individual who is enthusiastic and inspiring.
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Creating and Achieving Goals

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