Call Center Team Leader Job Description


A team of call center agents is under the direct management of a call center team leader. They are given the great responsibility of attempting to raise each employee’s level of performance to accomplish the objectives of the company and carry out a variety of management and administrative duties. The expert will be in charge of supervising, managing and leading a large team. They are in charge of motivating their team members and encouraging open communication among them so that they can cooperate to accomplish objectives. Additionally, they are in charge of assigning tasks, reviewing progress, ensuring quality, and maintaining equipment. In call centers, team leaders also have the responsibility of training their employees and periodically evaluating their productivity. The team leader would be present to help with the training and interview process when hiring new call center agents. When call center employees encounter a complicated problem that they are unable to handle on their own, they report it to the group leader, who will either fix it or work with other divisions to find a suitable solution.

Call Center Team Leader Job Titles:

  • Call Center Team Leader
  • Team Leader

Call Center Team Leader Job Summary:

We need a capable team manager who can effectively manage our team and give direction. Daily supervision, management, and inspiration of teammates will be your responsibility. You will serve as the team’s main point of contact, so you must have great communication abilities. To maintain efficient teamwork and smooth team activities, you must also be able to take proactive action. In the end, you should lead by example and motivate the team to reach objectives.

Call Center Team Leader Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Be responsible for the daily operation and management of the call center.
  • Set goals that all other call center representatives must achieve.
  • To guarantee that clients are never left unsupervised, plan and coordinate the shift schedules for other teammates.
  • Recognize all of the company’s offerings, services, policies, and processes, and share this information with the entire workforce.
  • Create call center predictions and finances.
  • To verify that proper processes and quality requirements are properly followed, keep track of all calls.
  • Coordinate and plan training for all employees, and take part in hiring new call center employees.
  • To improve call center employee effectiveness, suggest and buy gadgets.
  • Conduct monthly evaluations of each call center agent’s productivity, and arrange for underachievers to attend training courses.
  • Communicate to management regularly, and look for fresh approaches to boost performance at the facility.
  • Follow industry trends and events, and make sure that standards are followed.

Call Center Team Leader Skills and Qualification:

  • A degree in management or related field
  • More than 3 years of experience as a team leader
  • Thorough understanding of performance metrics
  • Strong PC capabilities, especially with MS Excel
  • Great leadership qualities
  • Able to motivate teammates to put in more effort
  • Must be able to manage several things at once without making mistakes

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