Carpenter Helper Job Description


Carpenter helpers are semi-skilled workers and they provide aid to carpenters. Their role is to ensure that carpenters have the proper equipment and supplies so that the process may move forward properly. They are responsible for maintaining an inventory of carpentry materials and services to ensure that everything is in working order. Receive orders from carpenters to ascertain the day’s job, and procure action plans and layouts for each task, study design plans to evaluate tools needed, devices, and materials, and make deals to have them obtained., set up and adjust carpentry devices at the start of the work, guaranteeing that it is functioning fine, and obtain materials such as timber, glue, and nails, after ensuring that they are operating right. Other tasks include fastening timbers or wood with glue, bolts, hooks, or nails and installing hardware, measuring, marking, drilling, or cutting, selecting tools, gear, or supplies from warehouses, and transporting them to the job site, and poking holes in planks or lumber.

Carpenter Helper Job Titles:

  • Carpenter Helper
  • Carpenter Assistant

Carpenter Helper Job Summary:

We’re seeking a carpenter helper to join our group and have expertise in a similar field. Helpers will execute labor jobs on these sites and should have 1-2 years of experience functioning in masonry or construction. They’ll be focusing on carpentry tasks that require form and execution. They will engage in both new construction and capital enhancement masonry and massive engineering projects. They’ll be hauling materials around the construction site and aiding with various labor jobs. Applicants must have prior hand and hydraulic press expertise, as well as the ability to interpret a tape measurer. They must assist concrete carpenters on manufacturing infrastructure projects, operate on form and finish woodwork projects, collaborate on concrete and intense industrial applications which are both new housing and capital improvement, move material on-premises, and aid with miscellaneous labor activities.

Carpenter Helper Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Collect goods for workers to use on the job.
  • Maintain tidy job locations and well-maintained machines.
  • To safeguard services, cover them with plastic coating.
  • Insulation should be cut and installed
  • To prepare for tile, apply adhesives to the flooring.
  • Construct scaffolding, piling, and braces as needed.
  • Cut wood and planks to the required sizes.
  • Hold pieces of wood, lumber, and paneling in place so that they can be fastened or cut.
  • Drill holes in the wood
  • Follow the instructions for sawing or cutting wood pieces supplied for each activity
  • Set aside cut or chop wood for tasks, and use glue mixes according to directions.
  • Assist craftsmen in assembling wood panels by putting them in place and carefully hammering and gluing them all together.

Carpenter Helper Skills and Qualification:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Candidates must be familiar with both hand and power tools.
  • Mechanical ability necessary
  • Any expertise in masonry or carpentry is a major plus
  • 1-2 years of building experience
  • Must be able to read and comprehend blueprints, specifications, product safety requirements, as well as efficiently use all trade tools and materials necessary to the job

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