Catalog Associate Job Description


A catalog associate is an entry-level profession in which the employee performs with one or more programs for a certain retailer product line. Their responsibilities include developing product catalog information, negotiating with merchants, discovering and rectifying problems, and keeping track of projects accepted and completed. Under the direction of the lead manager, the employee is supposed to do the work. They must be capable of handling the day-to-day quantity of the given work while making sure the project meets quality requirements, keep records of current work by upgrading tracking system to reflect job completed, socialize and collaborate with vendors to properly represent the catalog for value, product description, and other commodity details, and collaborate as per business requirements.

Catalog Associate Job Titles:

  • Catalog Associate
  • Catalog Assistant
  • Catalog Associate ( Part-Time)

Catalog Associate Job Summary:

We’re looking for a catalog associate with a bachelor’s degree. The Amazon Catalog Associate would report to the Sr. Manager and will also be responsible for all Amazon content and data processing.  This position will collaborate closely with the online media and information management teams to guarantee that all content for product launches is supplied. They will also ensure that upgrades to legacy items on the Amazon platform are correctly implemented. This position will be mainly focused on program management, with a good level of attention to detail. This position will work closely with a variety of business departments, including Media, Design, MDM, Marketing, and Advertising. Ensure Amazon content best practices are followed throughout the entire Implus holdings, collaborate with MDM staff to ensure all information for the Amazon account is accurate, ensure content decision-makers have the requisite Amazon specifications to ensure the quality of work packages and integrate brand initiative go-to-market initiatives, on-time launches, and superb Amazon content.

Catalog Associate Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Handle a high number of allotted work daily and ensure that the contract is met following quality requirements.
  • Communicate and collaborate with suppliers to appropriately reflect the catalog for cost, product details, and product-related data 
  • Adapting to the retail operating system and assisting suppliers and customers in improving the retail area on the online catalog
  • Build effective supplier relations to uphold and facilitate business
  • Obtain information for the product catalog on the Amazon site
  • Identify concerns and keep a record of tasks undertaken
  • Scrutinize and define deep analysis for a persistent problem
  • Knows how to deal with uncertainty
  • Create stronger supplier relations to help the company grow

Catalog Associate Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree
  • Must possess a minimum of 2 years of experience in the similar field
  • Expected to perform overtime as needed by the business
  • MS Office mastery
  • Innovation and improvement
  • Good problem solver
  • Ready to take effort and commitments
  • Handle difficult situations
  • Perform in the framework with speed and precision
  • Excellent client skill
  • Hard worker, trustable, and have good communication skills

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