Chevron Operator Trainee Job Description

Chevron not only creates and provides inexpensive, consistent, and green energy, but it also uses cutting-edge technology to improve core business and find new ways to define the development of energy. People were regarded as the company’s most valuable asset, and they were always at the center of the energy discourse. Chevron owns a large number of joint business refineries. The operator trainee collaborates closely with the Lead Line Operator to coordinate priorities so that tank efficiency is maximized while production timetables are met or exceeded. They are in charge of training new line workers and materials suppliers. To enhance tank efficiency, the trainee coordinates all loading with the shift supervisor. Ascertain that all cargoes are processed according to their specified process procedures, and verify loads as needed to investigate variances. A general familiarity with process line gear, such as rectifiers, compressors, chillers, laptops, and cranes, is required of the operator trainee. They’re also in charge of keeping other shift workers informed on load status and what needs to be done to keep the shift running well. They must take charge to capture any relevant information and follow revised procedures using the dry erase board.

Chevron Operator Trainee Job Titles:

  • Chevron Operator Trainee
  • Operator Trainee

Chevron Operator Trainee Job Summary:

We are looking to hire an operator trainee for our firm. Working for Chevron’s global refineries operations allows you to use safe and innovative refining methods to transform crude oil into the lubricants and oil products that we sell all over the country. You’ll apply your technical expertise and inventiveness to handle significant business concerns and prospects, such as enhancing safety and dependability while lowering operating costs. We are looking for people who have a collaborative effort style, love working in a varied and team-oriented workplace, and are solution-oriented and goal-oriented.

Chevron Operator Trainee Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • On a shift, physically or with equipment, operates allocated processing, treatment, and stock handling facilities.
  • Processes raw materials, feedstocks, and product exchanges using furnaces, mixers, and turbines.
  • Other allocated tasks include upkeep, repairs, sanitation, and disaster response
  • Process exceptional loads with the help of Quality Assurance, the manager, and other line workers.
  • If you want additional assistance, feel free to contact your shift supervisor.
  • Cleansing the contact pads on the labor bars and containers to ensure complete electrical connection through the weights and ensuring load restoration begins and loads sit down in containers as planned.
  • Accountable for informing the shift supervisor of any equipment faults so that a valid repair requisition may be completed.
  • On a rotating basis, oversees tank maintenance staff.

Chevron Operator Trainee Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Minimum 2 years of experience
  • Valid drivers license
  • Should be capable of lifting 30-50 pounds without assistance.
  • It is necessary to be able to distinguish between color variations.
  • Near process areas, there’s a chance of getting splashed.
  • Handling a forklift is a must.

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