Chief Architect Job Description


Infrastructure design may make a huge impact on an IT organization’s effectiveness, and the chief architect is responsible for designing or purchasing the technology that will assist the company to achieve its objectives. They are in charge of resolving integration issues and synchronizing technology platforms throughout the business units of the corporation. The chief architects are higher-ranking executives tasked with examining how IT tasks may be centralized to allow various divisions within the firm to collaborate seamlessly. Confidentiality, storage, data processing, and network provision of services are all skills required for this position. Another digital architect, such as the chief security designer, data architect, cloud architect, or mobile designer, may supervise and coordinate their work. They should feel at ease in executive-level discussions and have a good understanding of both innovation and marketing. They are also known as designers, and they are responsible for designing and managing product release teams using agile development approaches.

Chief Architect Job Titles:

  • Chief Architect

Chief Architect Job Summary:

We’re seeking a chief architect with computer science or IT degree. This position will be the Chief Architect for the DFS Solutions Segment and will be responsible for managing the architecture strategic vision, as well as ensuring that it is implemented across all of our Global Systems and Applications. You should have substantial expertise as an Engineer Lead, Chief Designer, and technologist, as well as knowledge of how to design products and services from the ground up, and manage difficult technical projects. You’ll be in charge of heading the global architectural team, as well as creating, controlling, and ensuring that the technology roadmap is followed. To support execution perfection in deliverables, you will serve as the senior technical expert for product marketing and process improvement. You’ll help the architectural team achieve standards of excellence by cultivating an atmosphere that encourages innovation, a mindset, effective discussions, and personal growth. You must also be a change expert in the organization to help with technological, agile, DevOps, and market change in this role.

Chief Architect Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Deliver insight and oversee all technology-related elements with presentation and interaction
  • Build and automate bespoke ETL services
  • The coordinate cross-functional production team in developing cloud application solution that combines office productivity apps
  • Design and construct dynamic code components to provide unique javascript for each call
  • Create the methodology to include customized reports for varied clients by writing optimizer Querying SQL
  • Use a cutting-edge javascript library to improve the user experience and minimize DOM manipulation
  • Build and manage present and future government business architecture
  • Maintain relationships with business partners
  • Manage in-depth understanding of the key business strategies
  • Architect and build the initial release of SQL database management system

Chief Architect Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in computer science or IT
  • Must possess a minimum of 15 years of experience in the similar field
  • Asserted thought leadership in the development of architecture and tech roadmaps.
  • Work with experts to form a technical alliance and articulate positions.
  • Able to operate on their own or as part of a group

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