Child and Youth Worker Job Description


Children and teens who are dealing with family troubles, bullying, abuse, racism, or substance misuse require aid and counseling from the child and support worker. They provide psychiatric counseling and support, as well as moving forward with legal proceedings when necessary. They support kids in the adoption and foster care processes. Many kids and youth groups are sponsored by community centers and charities committed to helping minors improve their lives. Each case is given to them independently, and they supervise the progress of each case to get the greatest possible outcome. Evaluating the family’s history and seeking evidence, questioning kids and evaluating their concerns, recording interviews and observations, organizing community events and meetings for kids, and dealing directly with coworkers and litigators when legal action is needed are just a few of their daily responsibilities.

Child and Youth Worker Job Titles:

  • Child and Youth Worker
  • Youth Worker

Child and Youth Worker Job Summary:

We’re searching for a child and youth worker with a social work degree and previous experience dealing with children and youth. As a youth worker, you’ll understand how to manage a situation and settle down those who are agitated or unable to control their emotions. You’ll lead groups aimed at teaching abilities and assisting youngsters in developing proper communication and interaction skills. More important, you’ll learn how to make connections with children and adolescents that will assist them to recover. You will receive intensive First Aid and CPR training as a support worker. All staff should have a high school degree, pass background checks for criminal background, child molestation, and sex offenders, and pass a medical and tuberculosis test. The position includes training life skills daily and putting each child’s rehabilitation plan into action. It also entails assisting other youth workers in ensuring protection and continual supervision, counseling, instruction, and assistance to the unit’s children.

Child and Youth Worker Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Counseling children, adolescents, and families on topics such as health, physical assault, interpersonal abilities, and care for children
  • Coordinate group and community events and concerns
  • Provide counseling for adolescents coping with substance misuse difficulties
  • Assist kids in foster care in finding homes
  • Examine cases of probable child abuse or neglect
  • Assess the efficiency of the social program
  • When required, testify as an expert in a courtroom.

Child and Youth Worker Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in social service
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in the similar field
  • Able to work in a team
  • Understand the principle issues affecting youth and adolescent
  • Knowledge of mental health symptoms and associated interventions
  • Knowledge of child age-appropriate development
  • Problem-solving and crisis management skills
  • Able to apply youth addiction intervention
  • Awareness of child care techniques, human growth, and developmental difficulties, as well as the spectrum of therapeutic options available to the kids served
  • Individual qualities and experience that will allow you to win the trust of children, lead them in their progress, efficiently control a house for them, and engage in the entire treatment program created for them.

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