Cleaning Supervisor Job Description


Cleaning Supervisors set up cleaning programs and allocate Cleaners under their control to various jobs and responsibilities while making sure they have the necessary tools and resources to finish their work. Hotels, vacations, clinics, institutions, office complexes, and other venues are kept clean and orderly by them, who also supervises the work of cleaning employees. They make sure that employees abide by the set safety and hygiene rules. Additionally to hiring and training new Cleaning staff, cleaning supervisors may have administrative responsibilities. The task is mostly indoors, and it is anticipated that it will involve significant physical exertion and compel workers to adopt unnatural postures while performing some activities. Trying to establish cleaning duties for cleaning staff, making sure that tasks are completed successfully, effectively, and to a high standard, hiring, mentoring, and supervising cleaners, performing routine inspections of cleaning tools and supplies, managing and monitoring the utilization of cleaning materials to minimize waste, assisting cleaners as they fulfill their role, and submission reports are just a few of the everyday chores they must complete.

Cleaning Supervisor Job Titles:

  • Cleaning Supervisor
  • Housekeeping Supervisor

Cleaning Supervisor Job Summary:

To manage all tasks carried out by our housekeeping crew, we are searching for an expert housekeeping supervisor. The duties of the housekeeping supervisor include delegating jobs to the housekeeping team, spotting and notifying instances of tardiness, and keeping an eye on cleaning supplies. Additionally, you must make management aware of any furnishings or gear that needs to be repaired or replaced and make sure that the housekeeping crew abides by all safety and sanitation regulations. The duties of a housekeeping supervisor include scheduling staff shifts, developing and inspiring teammates, and maintaining order in both private and public places. You should be skilled at managing a team and have a solid grasp of sanitation laws to succeed in this position. In the end, you will contribute to making sure that our regular cleaning procedures go properly and that visitors are happy.

Cleaning Supervisor Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Allocating staff members to clean-up duties and checking their work to make sure the established criteria are being maintained.
  • Establishing personnel schedules and arranging replacements as necessary.
  • Investigating allegations of subpar housekeeping service and taking action.
  • Giving the housekeeping employee training.
  • Regularly taking track of cleaning products and placing stock orders as necessary.
  • Providing cleaning supplies and tools as necessary to housekeeping employees.
  • Selecting candidates for housekeeping and advising on advancements, moves, and terminations.
  • Executing a variety of cleaning tasks when there is a staffing deficit.

Cleaning Supervisor Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • More than 2 years of experience in a similar field
  • Practical knowledge in daily cleaning jobs for big businesses
  • Being able to employ goods and equipment for industrial cleaning
  • The physical stamina required for the job
  • The willingness to work a variety of shifts, including weekends
  • Understanding of safety measures and health practices
  • Understanding of hygienic practices
  • A high level of reading and mathematics, basic IT abilities, and familiarity with utilizing the necessary tools and resources

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