Client Associate Job Description


The client associate works with the wealth manager, providing administrative services for new and current accounts as well as the creation of new portfolios. They must resolve client queries, create a rapport with customers, track account actions, and give a tailored report, among other things. They should develop good relationships with client associates and offer assistance for client account needs. They must assist with unique projects and critical account work, as well as handle admin duties for the investment advisors. They are in charge of gathering and upgrading required contracts and agreements, preparing promotional materials, gathering meeting notes and entering them into client files, obtaining and processing all customer data and information, opening new accounts, and maintaining client portfolios, among other things. Client associates work with financial stocks and shares, bonds, and commodities, and they assisting customers’ investment. They must create orders for trading stocks, as well as compute commission fees, taxes, and royalties. When presenting the company, they should always speak clearly and courteously.

Client Associate Job Titles:

  • Client Associate
  • Client Assistant
  • Client Associate ( Part-Time)

Client Associate Job Summary:

 We’re looking for a Client Service Associate to maintain software up to date with customer data, educate consumers on account services and solutions, assist with the preparation of reports as well as other materials for consultations, obtain the appropriate paperwork for opening an account, and work orders, schedule team promotional events and retain advertising material, and provide the team with administrative support. Make sure your contact information is current during the application procedure, and submit your latest résumé when presenting your application for review. You must respond to an offer to engage in some of the screening processes. Both a mail and an SMS can be used to send the invitation. Supports financial consultants with sales and customer service. Scheduling appointments for potential and existing clients, monitoring and control referrals and revenue, offering advertising information to customers, resolve operational challenges, getting ready sales deals, order inventory, organizing consultation books, and retaining a file for potential and existing customers are some of the responsibilities. Serves as a point of contact for all referrals, examining the documentation for accuracy and sending it to management for approval.

Client Associate Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Work with customers via phone, mail, and in-person meetings
  • Handle client inquiries and concerns, and assess priority issues
  • Aid client with account forms and account opening
  • Update and manage account
  • Develop relationships with current and potential clients
  • Assist a customer with product and account issues.
  • Collaborate and cooperate with the sales team to develop the present customer base
  • Build and maintain a record to fulfill the company’s regulatory standards

Client Associate Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, business, or related field
  •  Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office
  •  Detail-oriented
  • Work well independently
  • Exceptional service skills
  • Responsive, dependable, and must have high emotional intelligence
  • Better verbal and oral communication skills
  • Prioritization skills, and self-discipline

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