Comcast Retail Sales Consultant Job Description


Comcast is a prominent worldwide media and technology corporation that drives innovation to bring the best leisure and internet experiences to the world’s consumers. Under the XFINITY brand, Comcast Cable is the nation’s leading television, high-speed Internet, and phone supplier to residential users, as well as providing similar services to companies. While interacting with customers at a retail storefront, the sales consultant will be liable for marketing and selling Comcast goods and services to both potential and existing clients. Clients should be informed of the qualities, value, and use of all products and services through effective communication. Teach and support them in making their buying decision, and recommend the finest technological solution for their needs. On and off the sales floor, the sales consultant must display great customer service and turn every customer contact into pleasant customer satisfaction. They should be able to work well with other Comcast staff and have great relationship-building and sales conversational skills.

Comcast Retail Sales Consultant Job Titles:

  • Comcast Retail Sales Consultant
  • Retail Sales Consultant

Comcast Retail Sales Consultant Job Summary:

We’re seeking a retail sales consultant to work in our firm. You’ll be in charge of aiding and advising customers on our products and services, utilizing your expertise, skills, and tech to provide a world-class sales and business experience. Working conditions are moderately supervised. You must zealously represent items and services to the consumers by discussing and displaying product and sales knowledge. To improve consumers’ experience, you must conduct product recommendations to instruct them on the full potential of the product. You must continually display sales proficiency and expertise to customers and colleagues while maintaining the integrity and a nice and caring manner.

Comcast Retail Sales Consultant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Demonstrate excellent technical knowledge and enthusiasm, particularly for Comcast products and services.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of sales products, including competitor information.
  • In all client contacts, provide outstanding customer service.
  • Evaluate possible product requirements for customers and offer relevant recommendations.
  • To prevent existing clients from canceling service, employee retention methods.
  • In an accountability-based workplace, meet or surpass sales quotas.
  • With an emphasis on enhancing the customer experience, handling inventory level, production systems transactions, and managing huge amounts of cash and other transaction activity.
  • Executes operational and administrative responsibilities.
  • As needed, collaborates with customer service to resolve client issues.
  • With honesty and a warm and welcoming approach, consistently exhibits sales effectiveness and professionalism to clients and colleagues.
  • All business and store operating regulations and procedures must be followed.
  • Accomplishes required training and actively participates in team huddles and education.
  • Clearly understands the components of a sales compensation scheme.

Comcast Retail Sales Consultant Job Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma or GED is required
  • Ability to communicate clearly
  • Technical ability and attitude
  • To get to the location, off-site pieces of training, and conferences, you’ll need reliable transportation.
  • Knowledge of how to use a computer, wireless devices, a copier, and a fax machine
  • Adopt a clean and professional appearance while adhering to the Team Color policy.
  • Capacity to bend, kneel, and extend for inventory and stacking requirements
  • Ability to stand for lengthy periods to provide the greatest customer care

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