Communication Director Job Description


A communication director manages the flow of information between an organization and the public by determining the overall strategies of specific projects under their supervision. They ensure the internal and external communication related to them meets company goals. The directors of communications are PR managers and they oversee the job of multiple PR specialists and these professionals hold press releases, press conferences, and coordinate media relations. The communication director is a senior position and they have relatively high remuneration in all organizations. The professional needs to be highly diligent and confident with substantial experience for the role. The position comes up with a lot of responsibility and they are responsible for the public perception of a company. Managing the perception includes developing marketing and communication strategy, understanding the importance of timings, responding to crises and set back, and overseeing the team of diverse communication roles.

Communication Director Job Titles:

  • Communication Director
  • Director of Communication
  • Executive Director Communication
  • Deputy Communication Director
  • Communication Director – DACH

Communication Director Job Summary:

We are looking to hire a successful candidate who has a degree in journalism, communicative English, or a related field. You will be responsible for leading communication strategy leading in the US with two main objectives. Driving brand awareness and performance and finding back markets US voice. You will manage a small team to deliver the work including local content and community manager. You will manage your budget for content production and support local advertising agencies. You will be a part of the communication team and you will work hand in hand with the head of marketing. You need to ensure the strong performance of acquisition channels while you focus on brand, message, and content. You will also interact regularly with our marketing VP and head of communications Europe. You will manage the budget dedicated to local agencies and production companies.

Communication Director Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Draw up communication plans with clearly defined objectives, key performance indicators, and audiences
  • Draft and review have written deliverables such as press release and brochures
  • Coordinate with PR specialists, press secretaries and other personnel’s across the communication department on projects
  • Handling the organizations’ official website and social media presence
  • Coordinate rapid response crisis communication
  • Planning events such as fundraisers, panel discussion, and press conference
  • Travel to an industry conference to represent the organization

Communication Director Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in communication, journalism, English, or related field
  • Must possess a minimum of 8 years of experience in the communication sector
  • Extensive knowledge about various communication technologies
  • Extensive lists of media contacts
  • Expert in stakeholder/community engagements
  • Strong and confident leadership
  • Clear and concise communication with team members and senior management
  • Punctual, reliable and must have strong communication skill
  • Able to work in a team and produce quality output under tight deadlines
  • Strong verbal and oral communication skills
  • Self-motivated and strong analytical skills
  • Attention to detail, prioritization skill, and time management
  • Quick learner with a positive attitude
  • Maintain a strong relationship with key groups
  • Motivational and communication skill
  • An empowered team member, a process-oriented thinker

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