Compliance Specialist Job Description


Compliance specialists are responsible for making sure that businesses and other organizations adhere to all applicable laws and standards. The specific responsibilities of a compliance expert vary depending on the industry in which they operate because different businesses are subject to different regulations. As a result, they are typically experts in a specific industry, such as finance, healthcare, or administration. Examining their company’s business operations to make sure they adhere to specific requirements, managing compliance issues that may emerge, and staying current with regulatory reforms are just a few of the tasks they must complete. A compliance specialist’s responsibility is to examine a company’s operations to make sure that the relevant laws are being followed. A compliance professional must determine what an organization needs to do to comply when it is found that it is not following regulations or a set of rules. Compliance experts must keep up with any regulatory activity that is pertinent to their sector niche because laws are always being added, withdrawn, and amended.

Compliance Specialist Job Titles:

  • Compliance Specialist
  • Compliance Officer

Compliance Specialist Job Summary:

To make sure that our business practices adhere to legal and governmental standards, practices, and rules, we are searching for an expert compliance specialist. Recording and assessing compliance-related actions, providing training programs on compliance issues, addressing complaints, and coordinating with regulatory bodies are among your responsibilities. Providing employee training, assessing compliance-related activities, and serving as a point of contact between the firm and other governmental bodies are all duties of a compliance specialist. You must be able to recognize compliance problems and suggest remedies if you want to be a successful compliance specialist. Additionally, you should be able to keep careful records of concerns and regulatory actions. In the end, you’ll collaborate with several divisions of our company to make sure we adhere to all necessary regulations and laws. You should also possess good analytical thinking skills.

Compliance Specialist Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Counselling managerial skills on compliance issues and contacting the legal team.
  • Creating and delivering staff training on documentation, methods, and rules for compliance
  • Locating, looking into, and disclosing abnormalities, infractions, and compliance issues.
  • Monitoring concerns and reacting to them.
  • Keeping track of compliance-related actions.
  • Interacting with governmental organizations.
  • Creating and submitting compliance reports.
  • Create training resources that can be used throughout the organization for ongoing legal education
  • Drafting a compliance and ethics policy document
  • Conduct verification and testing of SOX controls.
  • Applying GCP and (ICH) criteria, manage quality checks and compliance.
  • Gather, examine, and complete the crucial EPA documentation needed for site commencement.
  • Perform GCP audits of clinical research reports, databases, lists, and investigative sites.
  • Manage the EPA-approved public access platform for permit applications.

Compliance Specialist Skills and Qualification:

  • A degree is preferred in business, finance, or related field
  • More than 3 years of experience in the similar field
  • CRCMP certification for risk and compliance administration is recommended.
  • Understanding of laws, rules, processes, and other important regulatory requirements.
  • Mastery of Microsoft Office.
  • Reporting and documentation abilities.
  • A focus on the details.

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