Computer Lab Assistant Job Description


A computer lab assistant is in charge of offering all types of technical support to computer users, as well as monitoring and resolving tech problems in the lab. The lab assistant assists lab users with hardware problems, software installation and use, printing documents, and knowing how to utilize various operating systems. Offering to counsel to individuals working or learning in the lab, giving instructions to all lab users on the correct use of all devices, consulting supervisors on complicated issues, ensuring computer lab device is being treated properly by users, and monitoring files and programs that are downloaded on to the computer systems are free of adware and malware. 

Computer Lab Assistant Job Titles:

  • Computer Lab Assistant
  • Computer Lab Attendant

Computer Lab Assistant Job Summary:

A successful applicant with a background in computer technology or computer engineering is required. The primary responsibility of this role inside the company is to oversee the designated computer lab for pupils. The role is responsible for teaching children fundamental computer skills, ensure a stable and organized computer lab, and assisting teachers with technological issues as needed. Working under supervision and guidance and following some protocols, this job determines how and when activities are completed. Needs to operate the computer lab for learners, provides user help and support administers computerized testing as needed, and guarantees correct use and maintenance of equipment are all essential job functions. Demands lab supplies as required maintains stock levels of equipment and materials, maintains proper use and maintenance of the system equipment, purchases lab supplies as required, monitors computer performance, and demands repairs and maintenance work as necessary are just a few of other duties.

Computer Lab Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Assist computer lab activities
  • Assist associate professors and students with software and hardware
  • Respond to inquiries and document response of repeated issues
  • Present on a software system and usage instruct students with pc and peripheral device
  • Keep a database of students participating in computerized educational support
  • Ensure the security of laboratory applications, test materials, and hardware.
  • Clean the keyboard, displays, and disc drives in the lab.
  • Ensure appropriate equipment care and authorized removal
  • Update device impact and malfunctions
  • Document statistical detailed data
  • Focus on providing computer and printer help
  • Deliver users with access to reference guidebooks and other data
  • Perform minor device maintenance to keep it is running smoothly

Computer Lab Assistant Skills and Qualification:

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer technology or computer engineering is required, as well as at least three years of experience in a related field.
  • The expertise of computer software is required, as well as the ability to provide polite and friendly, competent, and expert customer service.
  • Expertise in the use, maintenance, and care of printers, projectors, scanners, and speakers
  • Understanding of the tests that must be run on a computer for it to function properly.
  • A significant degree of care and attention
  • Excellent time management abilities 

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