Concrete Worker Job Description


A concrete worker also referred to as a cement mason, is a professional who specializes in constructing structures out of concrete while ensuring that the concrete is mixed thoroughly. They must mix, lay, and complete concrete for various construction projects. They labor in both warm and cold weather situations, and they labor outside or within incomplete constructions. Because the job entails utilizing equipment and moving concrete mix sacks, it necessitates physical ability and medium stamina. Reading design plans and determining necessary measurements, blending and pouring concrete, expanding the cement, using equipment to remove air pockets, shaping concrete wood or plastic shapes, involved in setting these shapes according to project schematics, and monitoring the drying process are just a few of the concrete worker’s responsibilities. They should be abreast of the most recent technologies and have the abilities of an expert in this sector.

Concrete Worker Job Titles:

  • Concrete Worker
  • Concrete Laborer
  • Cement Mason
  • Concrete Finisher

Concrete Worker Job Summary:

We’re seeking a concrete worker with a high school diploma to join our team. We’re searching for a concrete finisher with expertise pouring, leveling, and smoothing concrete on various surfaces, primarily a dry dock. To achieve a high-quality result, you might be needed to lay the forms that put the cement in place, fix existing areas, cut large openings, and oversee the drying of the cement. To be a good concrete finisher, you must have the requisite trade skills as well as knowledge of the most up-to-date concrete pouring technologies. We need someone that can work nights, weekends, and shifts if necessary. You should also be physically healthy and capable of standing for long periods, working on your knees, lifting large objects, and working outside in extreme heat and cold. Setting forms to hold the cement in place, washing and evaluating areas for pouring concerns, and guiding the cement casting with the driver are all part of the task.

Concrete Worker Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Form design and fabrication
  • Form setup
  • Concrete filling
  • Use wires to strengthen the concrete
  • Distribute and level the concrete
  • Shape large openings and sides
  • Apply waterproof and sealer to preserve the concrete work
  • Check the components to ensure it dries to a lasting finish
  • Use stain or colors to provide a final touch
  • Add stones or items for design 

Concrete Worker Skills and Qualification:

  • High school diploma
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in the similar field
  • 2000 hours of hands-on expertise
  • Expertise vibrating cement and generating top quality concrete structures and buildings
  • Must be able to interact with machine operators and provide hand motions
  • Ability to indicate, rig, and operate safely with cranes
  • Ability to endure peaks without fear
  • The ability to sustain equilibrium
  • Able to execute a demanding activity with your hands
  • Capable to kneel, squat, and carry heavy items
  • Measure precisely and read requirements
  • Skilled with measurement systems and instruments
  • Skilled in combining concrete
  • Experienced in pouring, shaping, and spreading concrete

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