Content Editor Job Description


Content editors manage all aspects of content including development, design, production, presentation, evaluation, and analysis. They use information and feedback from users to help assess and boost the value of a set of written materials and websites. They usually employ in media, marketing, and advertising field. They need to work with graphic design departments to create a positive user experience. They need to possess excellent writing and editing skills and should have extensive knowledge to write about various topics for the web and for other devices that can access the internet.

Content editors should be ready to work with a team of writers to create an effective website. They must be highly organized and detail-oriented.

Content Editor Job Titles:

  • Content Editor
  • Content Editor (Part-Time)
  • Freelance Content Editor
  • Executive Editor
  • Creative Content Writer
  • Marketing Content Writer
  • Web Content Manager
  • Digital Content Strategist
  • Content Development Specialist

Content Editor Job Summary:

We are seeking a motivated content editor to oversee our content publishing needs in a fast-paced working environment. You will be working with a team of writers to develop and curate compelling and engaging content for the audience. Your primary duty will include content strategy, proofreading, editing, analyzing data, and developing a content strategy. The candidate needs to be talented, experienced, and self-directed to generate innovative and effective marketing experience across platforms and drive traffic, awareness, and engagement. As a content editor, you will play a significant role in engaging customers and creating outstanding customer experience through social media, mobile, on-site, editorial, and digital marketing initiatives. In addition to collaborating cross-functionally with retail and marketing, you will develop execute and manage seasonal editorial campaigns, prioritize projects, and connect with customers.

Content Editor Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Must oversee a team of writers and coordinate with freelance contributors
  • Edit, pitch, research and write articles for blog
  • Deep drive on latest technologies
  • Prepare monitoring guides and tutorials
  • Announce new features and integration
  • Provide precise and detailed editorial feedback to writers
  • Coordinate with editors, writers product managers, and graphic designers to maximize the clarity, technical precision and visual appeal of our articles
  • Develop new formats for communicating research, monitoring best practices and technical tips to our readers
  • Coordinate with the video team and write scripts for original product videos
  • Continually measure reader engagement and improve content focus, craft, and distribution
  • Must have knowledge of SEO and best practices
  • Represent company launch, meetings and press event
  • Analyze data and analytics and increase readers engagement and retention
  • Manage busy workload as per the deadline
  • Verify content and information

Content Editor Skills and Qualification:

  • Must possess 2 to 3 years of experience in content editing
  • Punctual, reliable and must have strong communication skill
  • Bachelor degree in Journalism or English
  • Superb command on the English language
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented
  • Proficient in desktop publishing software
  • Proficient in the social media platform
  • Must be able to follow the latest trend in creating new story ideas
  • Experience managing complexity in large as well as small organizations
  • Familiar with digital marketing and site merchandising

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