Creative Assistant Job Description


A creative assistant’s primary duty is to develop promotional materials for events such as pamphlets and videos, create information for internal usage, and develop adaptable templates that can be used for numerous purposes such as presentations and business cards. The marketing assistant will assist with numerous branding projects and collaborate with the marketing division. Their tasks include producing marketing text for local and global use, as well as assisting in the creation of valuable material such as manuals, presentations, films, and graphics. They must build and maintain a strong, consistent brand both digital and off. File copy for communication and marketing materials such as press releases, visualizations, and online posts, collaborate with teammates to gather pictures, logo, statistics, and subject matter to use in a variety of creative projects, keep up to date records of clips, pictures, and guidance that we use, and study and suggest fresh ideas for reinforcing our brand are just a few of the commitments of a creative assistant. They should aid in the development of strategies for diverse initiatives by creative directors. They should be able to keep track of all current and completed projects.

Creative Assistant Job Titles:

  • Creative assistant

Creative Assistant Job Summary:

We’re searching for a Creative Assistant to work with our Sales team on various branding projects. Writing advertising prose for local and global use, as well as assisting in the design of relevant content, such as manuals, presentations, films, and graphics, are among the responsibilities of the Creative Assistant. This position focuses on developing digital visual solutions for all marketing channels using existing design templates and production design from creative leads. The top applicants understand the importance of a connected brand image from digital to physical stores, and they are passionate about solving challenges, impacting in a cross-functional environment, and creating the excellent design. Finally, you will assist us in developing and maintaining a strong and consistent brand both digital and off. Collaborate with teammates to gather pictures, logos, statistics, and subject matter for use in numerous creative endeavors, study and suggest fresh concepts for reinforcing our brand, assist in the layout of marketing posters for events, such as booklets and videos, and generate customizable templates we can use for a variety of purposes, such as briefings and cards.

Creative Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Work with the marketing manager to identify the client’s needs, budget, and timeframe for marketing and advertising, including supporting details such as pamphlets, social media postings, and short films.
  • Prepare a customized template for website and social media promotion
  • • Explain client needs and brand strategy to the content staff to support in the creation of appealing content
  • Develop strategies for various initiatives
  • Suggest ideas for building a brand
  • Establish and maintain a complete record of all marketing events
  • Propose ideas for presentations, newsletters, and visuals

Creative Assistant Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, or a related field
  • Minimum of 3 years expertise in a relevant area
  • Extremely creative
  • Successful digital presence
  • Knowledge of current social media trends
  • Basic content marketing skills
  • Working under pressure
  • A simple understanding of internet marketing techniques 

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