Curatorial Assistant Job Description


A curatorial assistant is employed full-time in the curatorial division of an art museum and is responsible for assisting the main or assistant curator with collection study and exhibit planning. They help with curatorial activities that are begun within the division. It entails obtaining and analyzing scholarly and artistic texts. A curatorial assistant’s responsibilities include coordinating and communicating with creatives, dealers, borrowers, art institutions, and collectors, preparing lending forms and master guidelines, updating and maintaining accurate records, scheduling exhibition calendars, and travel routes, as well as assisting with exhibition layouts and setup Marquette’s. They must assist with the drafting, writing, and study of museum show invitations, artist invitation packages, catalog publications, biographical, wall labels, news releases, and exhibit briefings. They spend the majority of their time at their desks, however, they may be expected to travel for data collecting and study on occasion. A bachelor’s degree in artwork, history, or cultural studies is frequently needed them. They should be familiar with and have expertise with the normal museum and curating techniques, as well as an understanding of how the art world works.

Curatorial Assistant Job Titles:

  • Curatorial Assistant

Curatorial Assistant Job Summary:

We’re looking for a curatorial professional to serve as a Curatorial Assistant for the National Park Service in Tucson, Arizona. It is necessary to be able to demonstrate flexibility in processes and to deal with a wide range of data and collection kinds. The curatorial assistant’s principal responsibilities include processing, organizing, and cataloging resource management-based documents from several park units throughout the mountain west region, as well as preparing to find aids to assist in collection search. Cultural and natural resource program records, program documents, and registers recording the daily administrative actions of various park units are all examples of resource planning records. A BA degree is necessary as a minimum qualification. Specialized training in vascular plant biology or any of the cryptogamic organism groups, as well as museums and art galleries, are preferred. Word data and management entry skills are necessary, as well as good communications skills, especially with familiarity with the Windows system and samples databases. The capacity to work well both independently and collaboratively, as well as strong attention to detail.

Curatorial Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Assist in the secure retrieval and restore the storage of sampling items
  • Schedule and organize the routine aspects of day-to-day utilization of the selection and undertake regular housekeeping tasks
  • Continue to update detailed records about the gathering using the computerized collection management program
  • Assist with exhibit curation as needed, such as retrieving items, researching and verifying information, and communicating with lenders and contributors.
  • Perform standard collection activities, such as assisting with collection acquisition and lending, by providing information and answering or referring inquiries regarding the collection.

Curatorial Assistant Skills and Qualification:

  • Must have a bachelor’s degree and at least three years of experience in a related profession
  • Must be able to maintain records
  • Must be able to use a computer and save museum-quality art
  • Must be able to manipulate databases
  • Must be familiar with exhibit preparation processes
  • Familiarity with basic museum systems and practices
  • Must be punctual, dependable, and have excellent communication skills.

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