CVS Health Store Manager Job Description

A CVS manager is responsible for ensuring that the store runs well daily. Submitting necessary paperwork, calculating payroll, buying products and retail materials, and evaluating sales data are all administrative activities that a manager conducts. Evaluating candidates associates, preparing new hire workers, arranging staff availability, evaluating group performance, and mentoring teammates are all labor-management responsibilities that a CVS manager conducts. Administrators may also be responsible for customer service tasks such as welcoming clients, assisting them, and finalizing deals. A CVS manager must also make sure that employees adhere to all business safety and asset protection rules. CVS managers are paid differently according to their expertise and region. Managers at CVS may get employment advantages concerning their base compensation. A retirement package, medical and dental care, health insurance, and paid time off are all possible benefits.

CVS Health Store Manager Job Titles:

  • CVS Health Store Manager
  • Store Manager

CVS Health Store Manager Job Summary:

We are looking to hire a CVS health store manager who possesses a degree in sales or marketing and experience in a relevant field. The position is intended to help you advance your career as a potential store manager. We help you advance to the position of store manager by putting you through a 16-week self-paced, interactive training program. To help you grow as a leader, we offer both digital and hands-on educational activities. During the structured program, continue to engage with your supervisor in Key Learning Experiences to help you on your route to advancement. As a leader in an organization, you should support your business and lead in a way that is consistent with CVS norms and morals. Encourage your coworkers to join you in supporting the company’s mission of assisting people in achieving improved health.

CVS Health Store Manager Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Manage, assign, and control the activities of the store’s team 
  • Communicate data to store crew and executives in a fast and open way 
  • Assist the Store Manager with service delivery enhancement plans.
  • Assist consumers with their inquiries, problems, and grievances 
  • Encourage a service culture at CVS
  • Provide personalized customer service feedback and guidance to your coworkers.
  • In compliance with business policy, handle all client services issues.
  • Encourage all consumers to have a pleasant shopping experience.
  • Stock racks
  • Price products
  • Coordinate and execute the weekly, big promotional, and seasonal goods presentation and signing.
  • Restrict the use of cash keys, protect door keys, warning codes, and secure combinations.
  • When shutting the business, lock the safe and security locks and set the alerts.
  • Carry out random cash checks
  • Detect and catch shoplifters to protect corporate assets and handle shoplifters appropriately.
  • Staff and supervisors are trained, developed, and evaluated.
  • Execute performance evaluations for all employees who are directly assigned to you

CVS Health Store Manager Skills and Qualification:

  • A four-year college degree in business or sales
  • More than 5 years of retail management experience
  • To assist and manage your team, communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Deliver excellent customer service by performing customer care activities.
  • Implement merchandising tactics to boost shop sales.
  • Maintain revenue through managing the store’s stock and resources.

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