Delivery Driver Job Description


A delivery driver’s job focuses on transferring and shipment of various light stocks and products to a different location. Drivers may steer automobile, car, and pickup van, small truck to transport and deliver packages. Delivery drivers are usually employed by postal offices, courier agencies, online stores, supermarkets, and parcel delivery companies. Some other employers include drug stores, restaurants, hotels, dry cleaners, and newspapers. They guarantee the haulage of packages at the customer’s doorstep at the earliest as possible.

Delivery Driver Job Summary:

Our organization is looking to hire a team player to fill up the post of a delivery driver. The victorious candidate will be given the task ensuring prompt delivery of stocks and parcels to predetermined customers on a specific location, evaluating the orders prior to delivery, automated handling to the truck and maintaining exceptional customer service to our clients. You will be representing our organization in a professional manner to escalate our profitability. Delivery driver’s tasks also involve ensuring the forms are filled appropriately, delivering freightage in a safe manner and performing other tasks like warehouse duties. With a variety of challenging opportunities, the position will allow you to rise higher in your career. If you are focused on accepting new challenges at a growing firm, we urge you to apply for the post at the earliest.

Delivery Driver Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Verifying the list of parcels against shipping documents and inspecting parcel specification
  • Packing and loading parcels with special care following the company’s specification
  • Establishing the best direction to deliver packages using maps and evaluating delivery addresses.
  • Deciding the most efficient roadway deliver parcels at the earliest
  • Inspecting delivery van prior to departure by checking gas, oil, brakes, wiper, light and cooling fluid level
  • Steering vehicle through pre-established route by adhering to traffic laws and parking at the designated location for delivery
  • Handing parcels to customers and bringing them back if delivery is not possible
  • Getting the receipt signed and collecting fares if needed
  • Keeping logs of all delivered packages and goods which are returned back
  • Reporting delays, accidents, and emergency to the concerned manager
  • Making minor repairs like changing tires and adding cooling fuel to the vehicle
  • Asking for feedback for the service provided and resolving clients complaint
  • Informing customers about new product and services

Delivery Driver Skills and Qualification:

  • Must possess authorization to work in the country
  • Must have a valid and unrestricted driver’s license
  • Physically fit enough to retrieve material from the rack and able to lift parcels weighing 50 lbs frequently
  • Must have a clean driving record
  • Should provide a medical certificate
  • More than 2 years of commercial driving experience is required
  • No accident reports in the last 5 years
  • Require high school diploma/GED
  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Not more than 3 moving violation including drugs or alcohol in the last 36 months
  • Must have a stable work history
  • Must be able to operate the system and communicate through phone

Delivery Driver Job Titles:

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