Digital Marketing Executive Job Description


Digital marketing executives need to spend most of their time engaging clients through the internet. The primary duty is to assist in the formulation of strategies to build a lasting digital connection with consumers and plan and monitor the ongoing company presence on social media. They assist in planning, executing, and optimizing online marketing tasks. They promote the products and services of the company online creating brand awareness through various social media platforms. The candidate should be well versed in the concepts surrounding digital marketing and work online to secure growing revenue. To remain successful in this field, the candidate should have extensive knowledge of marketing and technology best practices. You should be educated enough to use the internet to increase revenue. Executives need to be tech-savvy and should create innovative marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Executives Job Titles:

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Online Marketing Executive
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • Marketing Director

Digital Marketing Executives Job Summary:

We are looking to hire a successful candidate who has a degree in marketing or a related field. The company is seeking a Digital Marketing Executive to join their team on a full-time basis. Reporting to the VP of Digital & Corporate Marketing, you will lead digital activation from concept to execution in alignment with engagement and lead generation plans. The Digital Marketing Executive will be responsible for the strategy behind campaigns spanning search marketing, affiliate marketing, CRM, SEO, and paid search/social. The Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for developing, implementing, and optimizing marketing campaigns. You will play a major role in growing revenue, enhancing brand awareness, and driving traffic to acquire sales leads and brand ambassadors. The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate proficiency in both evaluating and working with digital technologies.

Digital marketing Executives Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Handling strategic online sales
  • Leading marketing campaigns from the idea stage to the execution and implementation
  • Monitoring and evaluating online media campaign to keep them fresh and effective
  • The hiring of marketing and promotion staff and supervising their task
  • Negotiation of advertising contracts
  • Working with department heads and staff to discuss-plan and marketing strategies
  • Collaborate with the finance team to set and stay within the budget
  • Stay current with emerging opportunities in the digital marketing world

Digital Marketing Executives Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in marketing or related field
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in digital marketing and advertising
  • Well versed with the use of social media and marketing tool
  • Understand website metrics and best practices
  • Experience with search engine optimization, lead generation, and email marketing
  • Able to work with colleagues to develop marketing goals and evaluate results
  • Great at problem-solving and strong writing skills
  • Punctual, reliable and must have strong communication skill
  • Able to work in a team and produce quality output under tight deadlines
  • Strong verbal and oral communication skills
  • Self-motivated and strong analytical skills
  • Attention to detail, prioritization skill, and time management
  • Quick learner with a positive attitude
  • Maintain a strong relationship with key groups
  • Motivational and communication skill
  • An empowered team member, a process-oriented thinker

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