Distributor Manager Job Description


Supply chains are intricate, diverse, and particular to each firm. Monitoring the flow of goods from producer to the supplier to point of sale is an essential aspect of the business cycle for any company that distributes or wholesales items. Distribution managers decide how much goods are to be dispersed, where they will go, and when. Managers of distribution companies oversee the movement of commodities from their sites to the places where they will be marketed and used. They also have to make sure that huge amounts of cargo are delivered promptly and safely every day. They guarantee the quality and amount of stock levels for large inventories. They control the pricing and quantity of disseminated products and handle the warehouse to make sure consumer needs are met. Distribution managers frequently work outside of the product supply chain, supervising stock control as well, so they must be capable of making informed judgments and driving better results to keep efficient operations. They manage the financial plan, bargain with clients, and put regulations into effect.

Distributor Manager Job Titles:

  • Distribution Manager
  • Distribution Sales Manager
  • Logistics and Distribution Manager

Distributor Manager Job Summary:

Our firm is looking to hire an experienced distribution manager who will capable of performing his job flawlessly. To ensure continuity of operations for your internal and external customers, you should work independently. You should communicate verbally and in writing with everyone you interact with daily professionally and effectively. To guarantee prompt and cost-effective activities and compliance with corporate policies and procedures, you will plan and oversee the activities of one or more distribution center divisions, including inventory, order-picking, shipment, collecting, and sortation. To manage the distribution of staff among divisions, you need to assess the requirements for workflow and stock activity.

Distributor Manager Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • All customer-requested service calls are handled and coordinated.
  • help with product assembly, cleaning, and packing.
  • It is your responsibility to stage, load, and unload products properly.
  • carry out tasks including the delivery and pickup of supplies.
  • Respond to client concerns and issues, deal with consumer complaints, and handle customer care difficulties.
  • Transport supplies, tools, and commodities to inspection or storage sites.
  • Analyze the data, then choose and take the appropriate steps.
  • Integrate resources with corporate strategies at large.
  • Take steps to get knowledgeable about all available products and services, alternative solutions, and market trends.
  • Keep inventory products in specified factory storage spaces by stocking them there.
  • To satisfy order deadlines, do pre-installation of new machinery.
  • Collaborate with the distribution management team to enhance the workplace.
  • Review employee job performance and administer disciplinary measures as necessary.

Distributor Manager Skills and Qualification:

  • A degree in business, engineering, or engineering technology is required
  • Exhibited business savvy and decision-making abilities.
  • Able to work well in teams and with customers to solve challenges.
  • Need to work to improve constantly.
  • Good management and close attention to detail.
  • Able to make choices and change course as necessary.

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