Dollar General Store Manager Job Description


A dollar general store manager’s job entails a significant amount of responsibility. They are in charge of marketing, personnel, customer service, inventory control, and other areas of their stores’ activities. They must keep their shops well-stocked with a diverse range of things at reasonable costs. To provide exceptional customer service, they must also ensure that their workers are properly informed and educated about the items they sell. A store manager’s workplace is typically fast-paced and demanding. Store managers are in charge of overseeing personnel, maintaining supplies, and providing exceptional customer service, as well as overseeing the general running of their store. They usually work long hours, especially evenings and weekends, and are occasionally compelled to work on holidays. Store managers must be able to cope with tension and perform effectively under duress. They must also be able to encourage and keep their personnel on track.

Dollar General Store Manager Job Titles:

  • Dollar General Store Manager
  • Supermarket Store Manager

Dollar General Store Manager Job Summary:

We are looking to hire a store manager for our shop and he must possess enough skill and expertise to perform the job effectively. You should be in charge of leading all staff in the efficient planning and execution of all retail processes, such as ordering, collecting, stocking, displaying, selling, hiring, and support. Ensure that the store is adequately staffed by recruiting, selecting, and retaining qualified staff following federal and state labor laws and corporate regulations. You should also give adequate staff training, perform evaluations, identify any gaps for suitable solutions or counseling, and terminate people if necessary. You may have to interact with coworkers, clients, and company officials. Your language skills can be used to leave comments to your workers, answer consumer questions, and interact with corporate executives regarding sales volumes and other business-related data.

Dollar General Store Manager Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Ensuring a safe working environment by complying with safety regulations and disclosing any harmful situations to the proper authorities.
  • Handling the store’s day-to-day operations, such as personnel recruiting, training, and planning
  • Ensure that goods are exhibited attractively and that inventory is rotated as per seasonality.
  • Regular inventory checks to verify that all goods are present and correct.
  • The new staff is educated on corporate policies and procedures, as well as safety standards.
  • Employment hours are scheduled based on retail traffic conditions and staffing needs.
  • Managing the building’s and surroundings’ upkeep, including scheduling for repairs and maintenance as needed.
  • Keeping merchants informed about rate changes and product offerings

Dollar General Store Manager Job Skills and Qualification:

  • A degree in business or management is preferred
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience
  • Reading and interpreting documentation such as schematics, safety standards, maintenance and operation directions, and policy manuals
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and percentile calculations are all examples of mathematical calculations.
  • Financial management procedures, including cashier responsibility and deposit control, should be understood.
  • Stock control and retailing practices knowledge
  • Hiring, screening, employing, counseling, and firing procedures, as well as compliance requirements and internal systems
  • Cash, facilities, and safety control rules and practices are all things to be aware of.
  • Ability to solve difficulties and manage a wide range of situations in which there is little standardization

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