Driller Assistant Job Description


Driller assistants operate on oil rigs, and teams are in charge of collecting oil and natural gas. They assist in the movement, setup, and operation of drilling rigs and associated equipment for a variety of purposes, including holes drilled for oil, natural gas, and water, construction foundations, mineral extraction, and site research. Following the instructions of a driller, the assistant is responsible for ensuring the safe operation of the machine and technical systems. They should support the driller in assuring that the digging is carried out following relevant safety standards and regulations. They’ll be in charge of overseeing operations on the drill floor and other drilling-related responsibilities. A driller assistant’s obligations include digging and backfilling tunnels by hand, delivering material to the worksite, trying to track the driller, handling and fusing pipes, changing drill bits and instruments, assisting in regular servicing and lubrication of rig devices, driving support vehicles, being attentive to instruction, and being able to regularly lift heavy loads.

Driller Assistant Job Titles:

  • Driller Assistant
  • Assistant Driller

Driller Assistant Job Summary:

We’re looking for a driller assistant with high school graduation and previous experience in a related field. In the drilling procedure, the Driller Aide assists the drilling team. Driller Assistants will stretch, pull, and climb repeatedly while moving, setting up, and operating oil wells and associated equipment to make a hole. Job is completed outside in all types of weather and is often physically challenging. This position necessitates substantial provincial and global travel as well as the capacity to work with a small team. The driller helper will be given compensated on-the-job training to perform all of the responsibilities and functions of a driller. Mechanical competence to perform basic repairs, perform pre-trip checks, set up controlled zones, necessary equipment, and understanding of safety regulations and procedures are just a few of the vital responsibilities.

Driller Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Aid oil workers with all drilling processes
  • Mix and exam drilling liquid, chemical, and grout
  • Help with slotting, soldering, and implanting casing screens
  • Support with good advancement and pumping tests
  • Participate with drilling rigs and devices from location to location and establish a new site and relate power cables or tubing for liquid and air
  • Assist in the collection of high-quality drilling core samples
  • Work with qualified colleagues in an open collaborative atmosphere to clean and repair equipment, drills, and campsites
  • Support or replace in other drilling-related areas

Driller Assistant Skills and Qualification:

  • Dependable and versatile
  • Enjoy functioning as part of a group
  • Enjoy realistic and physical activities
  • Proficiency in mechanics and equipment
  • High school diploma or diploma in drilling operation
  • Certificate in drilling action
  •  Must have a minimum of 4 years of experience in a similar field
  • Punctual, dependable, and must have great communication skills
  • Ready to labor in a remote place under severe conditions
  • Attention to the smallest details, prioritization skills, and goal setting

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