Dump Truck Driver Job Description


Dump truck driver job involves transporting garbage, dirt, construction material from various locations to the dump yard. The drivers usually drive a vehicle equipped with open beds to transport rock, sand, and gravel to various locations. Drivers have to follow a strict schedule of pickup and deliveries and during the winter season, they have to haul away snow from sides of roads. Drivers should keep the vehicle clean and well maintained to perform a job when needed. They should be aware of the volume and weight of material your vehicle can transport to minimize loss during transportation. To perform this job, drivers should be skilled and expert steering heavy trucks and van and should enjoy working at construction sites. Drivers need to be responsible because they would be handling heavy machinery and dumping tons of materials each day.

Dump Truck Driver job Titles:

Dump Truck Driver Job Summary:

We are looking to hire a skilled dump truck driver who can transport various materials from the construction site to a different location. The driver should be aware of using crank and lever inside the vehicle to unload waste and must assist loading material onto the truck. He should inspect the truck for any mechanical problems before and after each trip.

The duty of the driver involves safely operating truck with dump trailer, loading and unloading waste in dump bed, properly tracking and documentation of activity log, reporting issues to the dispatch, must be able to drive auto and manual transmission, ensure a safe working environment following safety policies and procedures using appropriate tool and equipment. The driver should be able to communicate with the dispatcher and should be able to navigate the map properly.

Dump Truck Driver Responsibilities and Duties:

  • The driver is responsible to transport garbage, dirt, rock, gravel, construction waste and other material to and from the specified location
  • Inspecting the type of material to be transported and ensuring it doesn’t exceed weight restrictions
  • Ensuring the material is loaded perfectly on to the dump bed
  • Awareness of using crank and lever inside the truck to dump the content of bed
  • Must know the usage of trucks hard mount computer system
  • Should perform regular maintenance of the truck and should keep the vehicle clean always
  • Must be flexible with working hours and should be available on weekends
  • Must maintain accurate driver log
  • Must verify shipping document information to ensure accuracy
  • Should grease the vehicle every 5000 miles and able to perform minor repairs

Dump Truck Driver Skills and Qualification:

  • Require high school diploma/GED
  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Great time management skill and communication skill
  • Must hold valid class B commercial drivers license
  • Should have a clean driving record and experience handling heavy trucks
  • Must possess valid medical examiner certificate
  • Work knowledge of construction site and road safety regulation
  • Excellent problem-solving skill and customer service skill
  • Able to work in a team
  • Awareness of safety, time and budget

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