E-commerce Assistant Job Description


The e-commerce assistant is in charge of offering excellent customer service and retail help both in-store and digitally. They must increase revenue for the business while also improving the user’s experience. They serve as the principal contact point for web and mail-order clients, answering phone calls and emails, resolving concerns, and expediting purchases. They should gain a thorough understanding of the numerous products sold in the store to inform customers and provide data to the shop’s visitor service staff. They help with store opening and closing routines and operate as a team on the sales floor with the floor assistant. On behalf of the head of sales, they provide guidance and assistance, allocate duties, and monitor performance. They edit and publish product images and details to the e-commerce system, as well as quickly delete out-of-stock products. They help with rolling stock checks and annual stock takes, unpacking and processing daily deliveries, processing returns, and write-offs, and assisting with a slow-moving and stopped stock exit plan. They should maintain the storage room clean and well-organized.

E-commerce Assistant Job Titles:

  • E-commerce assistant

E-commerce Assistant Job Summary:

We’re looking for someone with a bachelor’s degree and previous experience as an e-commerce assistant. The Ecommerce Organizer will be in charge of product management across all platforms, including site catalog management and photo submissions, quality control, promotion setting, and working with the customer support team to resolve concerns. This role works closely with the marketing, manufacturing, and purchasing departments. The Ecommerce Coordinator will be a good leader with strong organizational abilities, meticulous planning, and the ability to sift and prioritize feedback. Manage site catalogs and transfer product photographs across sites as part of the product lifecycle management for the main website and off-price. Product identification, marketing feedback, recent trends, and study of product and class metrics can all be used to build appealing, trend-driven, and label product lines.

E-commerce Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Managing the retail site daily to ensure that it is up to date with seasonal products.
  • Be liable for posting new items and ensuring that deadlines are fulfilled by performing uploads regularly and ensuring that product specifications are submitted on time
  • Asset management, including ensuring that samples and photos are collected in advance of launches
  • Monitor product effectiveness, including ensuring that product and category sites are optimized effectively
  • Collaboration with the client service team is essential

E-commerce Assistant Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 3 years of related experience
  • Highly organized
  • High attention to detail and quality
  • An eager and enthusiastic
  • Strong organizational abilities
  • Experience with online sales systems and processes
  • Understanding of web metrics
  • Ability to prioritize and meet the deadline in a quick corporate setting
  • Imaginative with a positive mental attitude
  • Adaptable to changing situations and owning a high degree of reliability
  • Understanding of different business principles such as marketing plan, corporate finance, and distribution network oversight
  • Mastery or clear knowledge of tech skills 

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