Economic Analyst Job Description


Economic analysts assist governments and businesses by studying economic data such as GDP, market forces, taxation, revenue, and consumption levels. They may work for financial institutions, manufacturing firms, or energy firms. They give economic, commercial, statistical, and forecasted data to help with the new company development and financial investment plan decisions. They’re in charge of conducting research and working with massive data sets, analyzing data using multiple scenarios, and communicating the implications of investigations and findings via the dashboard. They are in charge of identifying significant market factors that affect the company, developing data capture methods, assessing and combining data into logical perspectives, connecting internally, and converting the viewpoint into a set price to aid in strategic decisions.

Economic Analyst Job Titles:

  • Economic Analyst
  • Entry Level Economic Analyst
  • Analyst

Economic Analyst Job Summary:

We are searching for a qualified applicant with a bachelor’s degree in economics, computer science, or economic science, as well as an MBA. The Economic Analyst contributes to the program’s overall success by assisting with study and task implementation. Facilitate with the acquisition of financial, cultural, and financial information from global datasets, build database systems, create tables, charts, and other layouts, create charts, link data to layouts, collect files and generate reports, help facilitate duties and other actions, evaluate as well as provide remark on products and enhance draughts, organize country-specific or industry assessment in preparation of various task orders are all examples of specific responsibilities. Must appreciate working in groups and be able to manage various teams at the same time. Without support, you must be able to work for any company in the United States.

Economic Analyst Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Conducting competitive, local, and global trade analyses to identify the impact of the company’s operations
  • Using statistical methods to create a macro-economic prediction model to assist sales units in developing organizational demand forecasts
  • Researching to boost company and confirm areas such as border business plan and marketing expertise
  • Develop computer-based analytical techniques such as mapping programs, databases, websites, and dashboards to give business insight to users
  • Offer assistance to the division in the usage of the business forecast model

Economic Analyst Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in economics, computer, economic science, and MBA preferred
  • Must possess a minimum of 5 years of experience in the similar field
  • Knowledge designing and implementing technical articles and reports for computer systems and digital networks
  • Strong understanding of traditional and irregular warfare ideas and activities
  • Expertise with the proposal of analysis and qualitative analysis techniques
  • Ability to analyze analytic goods for cogent arguments, tradecraft norms, and datasets
  • Understanding of all-source automated actions, data verification, analysis, intellect analysis techniques, and data sets
  • Capacity to handle qualitative and quantitative analytic techniques and follow the progress in areas that influence tradecraft method of analysis, describe detailed, new, or distinctive research methods that facilitate rigorous evaluations to discuss and contribute to increased tasks
  • Data and quantitative skill 
  • Mental able to utilize logic in discovering alternatives
  • Skilled incorporate intelligence and analytical technologies

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