Educational Consultant Job Description


The educational consultant employs at an educational consulting firm and they are responsible for providing information regarding various schools, colleges, institutions, and courses available there. They act as an advisory role in schools, colleges, and universities and work alongside teachers and students implementing changes to create an optimal learning environment. An educational consultant is responsible for performing various duties like analyzing existing curriculum, admin process, teacher resources, and methods, gather data from educators staff students, and parents, closely analyze the academic system and report to relevant stakeholders, assess teachers performance and ensure they align with set goals, create new and more effective curriculum learning outcomes and teaching methods, provide instructional materials to improve lesson delivery and admin process, guide teachers students and parents on the effective use of digital learning tools, visit the classroom and observe lessons and provide feedback, and counsel educators how to cope with exceptionally talented students.

Educational Consultant Job Titles:

  • Educational Consultant (Part-Time)
  • Educational Consultant

Educational Consultant Job Summary:

We are looking to hire a successful candidate who has a degree in education and the candidate can work in a fast-paced environment as a part of a team of subject matter experts, project management, and operation staff. The consultant should help the team to achieve the client’s goal around strengthening student’s performance and closing the achievement gap, improving instruction, implementing a rigorous curriculum, developing school leaders, and facilitating organizational change. To accomplish these priorities the team features specialties in professional development, coaching, research, and program evaluation, with an emphasis on literacy and leadership development.

The job duties involve provide client and project management, serve as a contact for ongoing communication with clients, manage the internal project team, and ensure established project management processes and structures are aptly implemented.

Educational Consultant Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Serve as an advisor for teacher, parents, school administrator, school boards, and government officials
  • Assess education standards and classroom policies
  • Help implement changes to curriculum-based data
  • Survey students to change programs
  • Suggest different educational materials
  • Supervise online education
  • Guide college selection and application process
  • Match students to an apt learning environment
  • Report on the effectiveness of the current academic system
  • Design new training programs and conduct teacher training workshops
  • Comply with and help to enforce standard policies and procedures
  • Implement and educate the usage of new technologies
  • Assist in correlating systems to improve student drop out rates
  • Conduct meetings with the administrator and teachers to discuss programs

Educational Consultant Skills and Qualification:

  • Master degree in education or Ph.D
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in curriculum design and blended learning
  • Managerial experience at a learning institution may be required
  • Some teaching experience is preferred
  • Relevant subject discipline knowledge is required
  • Able to work independently and as a part of a team
  • Excellent analytical and diagnostic skill
  • Punctual, reliable and must have strong communication skill
  • Strong verbal and oral communication skills
  • Self-motivated and strong analytical skills
  • Attention to detail, prioritization skill, and time management
  • Quick learner with a positive attitude
  • Motivational and communication skill

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