ERP Analyst Job Description


ERP analysts help with the development and upkeep of the company’s enterprise resource planning system. The analyst must ensure that client applications are properly integrated. They must make use of their current knowledge and consumer base. ERP analysts check the layout to ensure that the system is matching the client’s needs. The analyst will check the impact of the ERP system after it has been created. They take into account the financials, operations, and marketing of a business, as well as the development of new business possibilities. To flourish in the industry, they use the most up-to-date marketing and business knowledge. To ensure that the company’s business processes run smoothly, ERP analysts must keep up with current trends and technologies. They collect client data and use it to create new processes and provide recommendations to the company. ERP analysts are members of the management team who are in charge of the company’s current planning initiatives. They can also operate alone, allowing them to design strategy strategies for a variety of businesses.

ERP Analyst Job Titles:

  • ERP Analyst

ERP Analyst Job Summary:

We’re seeking a qualified applicant with a background in computer science and information technology. ERP Analysts coordinate projects, provide expert knowledge, and assist with mission-critical, corporate information management changes and additions. The ERP Analyst manages the creation of new functionality, updates, components of the software, and day-to-day problem identification, project tracking, and settlement for allocated modules or platforms, establishing a relationship between technical and operational resources. User support in debugging both software and business process problems, analysis of user operating processes to develop functional system design and recommend and inform other staff responsible for growth, identify innovative solutions to business in technology innovation, improves workflow and user guide for various Oracle related modules, and improve client knowledge and skills are all part of the job commitments.

ERP Analyst Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Research, plan and create ERP management reports and programs for all business units in the US
  • Work with multiple business units in the organization to facilitate implementation or enhanced reporting system and performance
  • Develop and lead ERP-related initiatives and give daily assistance
  • Evaluate and deliver the solution using ERP software •
  • Communicate with app development employees to manage the deployment of newly generated services
  • Work with end-users to define operating and financial requirements of the system objectives
  • Work to resolve network problems using ERP solutions
  • Maintain current knowledge and awareness of ERP software and computer components operating system
  • Assist individuals in settling issues and providing answers to queries with minimal oversight

ERP Analyst Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in computer or IT
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in the similar field
  • Requires extensive functional expertise and ERP system expertise.
  • Deployment expertise with big ERP solutions, with a focus on accounting or supply chain components, is required.
  • Financial, Order to Money, and Procure to Pay cycle expertise.
  • Resolves complex issues by adopting a new perspective while utilizing existing methods.
  • Operates independently with little supervision.
  • Serves as a mentor to coworkers with less expertise.
  •  Assists in the improvement of processes.

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