ExxonMobil Process Operator Job Description

Process operators supervise and manage the whole production system of a manufacturing facility or other industrial facility, checking equipment for integrity, security, and effectiveness. They also guarantee that activities run smoothly and that the required upkeep of the facility’s equipment and facilities is carried out regularly, as well as troubleshooting these aspects when needed. Process controllers program and run the facility’s computer network, which controls the facility’s gear remotely. They use this method to start and stop plants as well as to conduct materials handling. Operators examine the procedure regularly, looking for anomalies such as malfunctioning equipment or safety concerns. When a problem appears, they write a report and make sure that any repairs needed, equipment modifications, or solutions have been implemented, as well as that superior, have been informed. Process operators guarantee that goods within their supervision fulfill standards and criteria by collecting samples for lab testing and performing quality checks on the product.

ExxonMobil Process Operator Job Titles:

  • ExxonMobil Process Operator
  • Process Operator

ExxonMobil Process Operator Job Summary:

We are looking to hire a process operator who possesses enough experience in a relevant field. Integrating with Production, Business, Safety, and Performance Monitoring teams, as well as cooperating with PE process colleagues on Process Improvement, Process Efficiency-, Product Design, and Client Software Development are all part of the job. Identify and evaluate operational efficiencies and storage optimization possibilities, lead design and implementation of technology programs and tests, plan and evaluate innovative operating guidelines for plant tests, and provide PE finishing tech assistance and resources to the Rouge Plastics Plant to ensure standout performance in risk control, plant serviceability, and revenue growth.

ExxonMobil Process Operator Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Hiring process, training, and productivity are all responsibilities.
  • Plan, oversee, and supervise the operational team’s daily duties at the factory.
  • design and put up complicated test facility systems.
  • Identify the effect of key unit actions and processing factors on the end product.
  • New processes should be taught to production staff, and existing procedures should be updated.
  • Accurately and fill out all logbooks, shift papers, and stock sheets.
  • Support optimization throughout new system startup and early production.
  • Manage the press rollers’ functioning and the sheet’s cooling.
  • On racks, cabinets, or bins, sort, position, and mark goods or items.
  • As service demands are identified, enter them into the CMMS software.
  • To arrange required repairs, communicate with the service department.
  • Conduct lab utility operations to ensure product quality and consistency. comprehensive sanitary inspections and proper maintenance daily

ExxonMobil Process Operator Skills and Qualification:

  • Degree in computer engineering, electrical engineering, information systems, or computer science
  • A natural creative thinker and leader who has proven a strong work ethic and attention to detail.
  • Will make an effort to improve regularly.
  • Is capable of assuming the lead on duties such as drawing, change requests processing, and interface.
  • Good judgment was displayed.
  • Is adaptable and knowledgeable about communication networks.

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